Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 19, 2016

Hey everyone,
Just another crazy week that we had here. we had transfers and we had 21 new missionaries come in! A great group of  Elders and Sisters.(everyone was telling me the knew Sister Hannah from the CTM) Most of the missionaries are from Brasil. In fact there were just 2 American Sisters. The prophet isn´t sending us any more Americans which is different because they were sending so many before. Just going with the will of the Lord! It was super crazy to get everyone their trainers, bus tickets, ect. But everything went right at the end.

   Also we moved our area to Guará2. Guará is one of the first cities to receive the gospel. They have the second oldest chapel. 10 years of go Guara was one of the strongestwards, but recently it has taken a tumble. The ward had only 3 baptisms last years sadly. President is wanted to help out the Ward get excited and to be a stronger ward again.

  So the week in Guará was amazing. We got to know the Bishop and the other leaders. We didn´t have any investigators because we are opening up the area so we just started visiting members. We were able to get 20 references this week from the members! They are starting to get really excited. We are starting to mark family nights with their none member friends, doing activities, and gaining their trust. getting this ball rolling.

This Monday we had the special lunch with President. this was something we put in place for the entire mission so that they would get more excited to work hard. The hardest working companionship for each zone was invited to eat lunch at Presidents house. It was a success, everyone loved the idea and put that last effort in. They had an amazing American BBQ that was prepared by President and Sister Lundgren. The missionaries don´t usually have  lunch at Presidents house but it was a fun to recognized the hard work they are doing.

Well I´m loving the mission. You couldn´t pay me a million bucks to leave the mission right now. I know the Lord has called me to learn and to serve.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth 

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