Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015

I had a blast this week!!!

This week was so much fun to say the least. Nothing better that working and seeing the results. To start off we had service project as a stake. We went to a catholic church a redid everything. We built walls, painted, plastered, cut the grass, ect. It was amazing to see the difference we made. This is why I love is church, it doesn´t matter who you are, we are trying to serve everyone.(picture with the Padre)

This week was a little difficult to work with members because everyone went to the temple! This is the best excuse to be traveling. Everyone loved it and felt the spirit really strong. And guess what..one of our recent converts went, Thainá! She was baptized only 3 months ago. She loved ever second of it and said she can´t wait to go again. The this Sunday she gave her first talk in church about Faith and the temple trip. I love seeing people become better because of the gospel of Christ. The Lord truly blessed me to me an instrument in her life and to see her progress.photo at the temple

The latest on Isabella. We passed by a few time this week to get her ready for her baptism. We taught the word of wisdom. She was shock that coffee is a no no. She said she loved coffee and drank it everyday. At the end we talked about the blessing and the Lords promise. she said if it´s a commandment of God I will have to follow it. We confirmed with her that she would go to church this Sunday.
  We Sunday came around we were waiting in the front for her. 10 minutes passed, 30, 40. We called and there was no response. We thought of everything about why she didn´t show up yet. We said a prayer that she would come to church. Finally we jumped in the car to go get her. We went to her house clapping, calling her name, basically everything...we woke up all of her neighbors but nothing from her house. We returned to church with our heads hanging down. We said a prayer  that she would come to church even though the chances were slim.

Two minutes didn´t pass when she called us frantically saying  sorry. She was sick the night before and took a really strong pill that made her sleep really deeply. She got a ride to church with her Mom and strolled in right as sacrament meeting started. What a miracle.
  After church we were at a member house and she sent this text message

´´Elder Seth and Elder Rojas, Today I had one more sign that I am on the right path. I woke up late, and was feeling really sick, but I got up with the purpose to go to church. Arriving there, I found you guys in that place of peace, I realized that there isn´t a pain in the world that would stop me from going to the house of the Lord. I thank you one more time for visiting my home and teaching me about these things, That I know with certainty is true and pure. I am immensely happy to be a part of this church. I hope you have a great Sunday and I can´t wait to see you guys on Wednesday.´´

To start off I didn´t make this up. this was exactly what she sent to us,cray right. This is why I´m here. to help people change there lives for the better. With all the people who shut the door in our faces or people that mock us. Miracles make it all worth it in the long run.

I´m loving my mission and I love the spirit I feel. Hard work is always rewarded in the end. I know these things that i´m sharing are ´´true and pure´´ and during these 2 years there in no other place I would rather be.

 Thank you for the support and love.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015-

Things are getting better!!

This week was great to say the least. We were blessed immensely.  We were working closely with the members and it paid off. I saw a lot of miracles in how the Book of Mormon is true and how  people are influenced by its power.

  To start off a we received a reference from someone that was living in the USA and was baptized there. She was talking to her  friend in Brasil and she asked for us to visit them. We went to the house of this friend. There we found Isabella(friend 17 years old), Lucas(brother 11 years old), Mayda(Mom). We talked for awhile  to break the ice and we discovered that they received the missionaries 3 years ago. The Mom had a lot of interest, but Isabella wouldn´t  even say hi.
Eventually they told the missionaries they had lost interest. Isabella told us that she changed alot and that she is looking for a church that she can feel good and somewhere she knows that she is following Christ. We taught the Restoration and we left a part marked in the Book of Mormo for them to read and pray.

 We returned after two days  and we asked how was the reading and praying was going. She said that when she was reading she feeling this warm feeling of joy and  happiness. Then she said that when she prayed she felt it really strong. She went to bed and woke up with the same feeling. She received her answer! We taught about baptism and how it is necessary. We taught them and we invited them to be baptized on the 8th of August. They accepted! Such a spiritual experience. Isabella went to church and loved every second of it(even though the power was out at the church this Sunday). Sadly her Mother didn´t go because she was really sick in the Hospital. Isabella say that her Mom asked if we could pass by again, or if we couldn´t go there house anymore because she didn´t going to church. haha I love teaching people that had desire to better there lives.

 Other miracle that happened  when we were teaching Julia(Friend of the recent convert). We were teaching here at a playground because her Dad doesn´t like to hear our lessons. Let's just say it was cold and windy. Everyone was shivering. Then we started to talk about the Book of Mormon and we asked what she thought. She said ´´I did as you asked, and I received my answer.´´ When we heard this we were grinning our faces off. With this knowledge we marked a date with her and she said: ´´I thought you would never ask´´. We cut the lesson short because we didn´t want anyone to get sick.

 The work is picking up here and we are getting really excited. These next few weeks are going to be really fun!

 I hope everyone is well. Happy Birthday Erica, I love you so much and I will never forget your kindness to me in my life.

                                      Com Amor,
                                      Elder Seth
Photo of a recent member how was baptized. He was a leader of a gang, now he going to church in a shirt and tie. Giving lunch to the missionaries

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 13, 2015

The ball keeps rolling

I´m really short on time because we were traveling this p-day so I will give a quick update of the week.

  First off i´m loving our ward. The kids are awesome. They are all getting excited with the missionary work and they are all wanting to do visits with us. Because of them,  we managed to 32 lessons with member this week. They are also getting the spirit of sharing the gospel and they are wanting us to teach their close friends. We are doing a lot with the young people of this ward because they have alot of friends and a lot of time. It´s really great because we are using them to help us to do visits and their testimonies and knowledge of the gospel are increasing.

 Funny moment. Our ward had Americans visiting this Sunday. Being an American I went to talk to them. The only problem is they could barely understand me because it has been so long since I've spoken  in English. They couldn´t stop laughing because I wasn't making sense. You pay the price to learn a language.

 We are teaching Julia who is a friend of Nina. She is really sweet and has a lot of interest in what we are teaching. We always like to talk about families and the joy we  feel with them. When we started to say that at times our families hit a rough spot,  she just started to cry. She said that her family was going through some difficult times and that she is looking for help. We explained that gospel is the way to have a family really happy. It was a really touching experience to see the peace she felt after the message. She said  that Nina(recent convert) has changed a lot and that she is a better person. . This is why I love this church, we don´t have to go door to door to help baptize people. At times we just need to be the firm example in what God wants us to be.

 We are working, and with time we will see the fruits. It´s taking its time, but it will come.

Thank you Dad for the package, means a lot.

Hope all is well. Be the example that God wants.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

July 6, 2015

‎What a week!!!

‎Happy 4th of July to everyone. I hope it was memorable. My week was way different than my usual week here in Brazil.
  To start off on the morning of the 3rd I did a trade with my First comp Elder Najarro from last year! It was really great to be back with him and to teach together. It felt like we were back in our first area, walking on the dusty streets of Jardim Ingá. The day in Novo Gama was fantastic. We were able to find alot of new people for him to teach. Also we marked 4 baptismal dates with people that wouldn´t accept in the past. It was a blast because I was able to do alittle more teaching this time, unlike a year ago when I understood nothing.To finish off the day we ordered pizza. Elder Najarro, Freitas, and Goodsell(my close friend from the CTM). This picture is included.
  The next day we had to leave early because we had a baptism interview to do in Santa Maria. As we were arriving Elder Goodsell called us with a stressed voice. He said that President had called and said the Elder Freitas's Grandma had died and that he wanted going home. (Elder Freitas has had 7 months on the mission, and 3 months ago his Aunt died. He was also really close to his Grandma.) We told Goodsell to keep calm and that we were returning right away.
   When we got back to Novo Gama, Freitas was packing his bags and he was crying hysterically. We tried everything to keep him calm and to stop packing his bags. Finally after 2 hours of gentle encouragement he calmed down. We told him that eating would help so we went to lunch at a members house close by.
  We started to eat at this sweet old lady´s house who loves the missionaries. It was dead silent because of the loss of his Grandma. Then during lunch with food still on the plate Elder Freitas received a call. It was his family. He started to cry and shout because he discovered that his Grandma would be buried that same day. We started to calm him down again.Then suddenly the sweet old member passed out. At that moment everyone was scared. For five minutes this sweet old lady was lights out. We were feeling for a pulse and fanning her. It felt like all chaos was let loose. Finally we felt the prompting of the Holy Ghost to give her a Priesthood blessing. As we finished the blessing the her eyes opened and she stood up as if nothing had happened.
   We looked at each other dumb struck. My testimony of the Priesthood was re confirmed that day from the moment I had the feeling to give a blessing to when she stood up. I know that this power is real and it is the power of God.
  We were all praying and fasting for Elder Freitas that he would have courage to stay here on the mission. He had an interview with the mission President and he was here today at our Zone activity!! I was so happy to see his face. I know that the Lord with bless him for his courage during this difficult time. I respect him so much.
 I am short on time but thank you everyone for the emails. Means alot to me. I missed all of you guys during this week of the 4th. I hope all is well!(I included some photos of the week)
Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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