Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

This week was great but difficult.

This week we were working really hard to find the Lord's elects. At the start of the transfer Elder Xavier and I were making goals for this transfer. I told him that I wanted to find a family to baptize. He asked me how many people in this family, the number 5 popped in my head. We wrote the goal down and that was the end of it. This Wednesday we were walking to an appointment and this guy made contact with us. He asked about the English class that we are teaching. We kept talking until he invited us to make a visit at his house. The next day when we entered his house we found our family of 5. Elder Xavier and I were completely shocked. The miracle was finding this family because the Dad said it has been 10 years since he has gone to church. He said that he has been feeling that he life is needing God. It´s not going to be easy to baptize this family because they have some difficulties, but if there was one  thing I’ve learned on the mission, that nothing is impossible to change through Jesus Christ. I´ll keep you guys updated on them.

We are making some great progress with Sthela this week. She  has a baptism date for June 6th. We asked her ´´If someone were to ask you what church you apart of, which one would it be?´´ She said ´´Eu sou Mórmon´´(I am a Mormon). I felt butterfly in my stomach when she said that. She´s so ready, we are just clearing up some things. She is also starting to date the Bishops Son(shhh). Sadly she was all set to go to church but her Grandma got super sick and she went to the hospital because it was an emergency.

We also found Karol(17 years old) this week. she went to our English class, the Church dance and church this Sunday. She will be baptized June 6th also! It crazy how the Lord is putting so many people is our path that are ready for the gospel. This mission is so much easier when you are working by the spirit.

One of the most sad parts of the mission is when people know that is the true Church but they choose not to follow it because of the commandments. They think that commandments are restrictions and they can´t have fun. But really the commandments are here to help us have lasting happiness. Sure doing these things are fun in the moment, but in 1 year, 10 years, 50 years will it bring happiness? I´m so grateful for this gospel and the high standards that the Lord has given me. Here on the mission I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum, the blessings  and sadness of keeping and not keeping the commandments. This has strengthened  my desire to always stay strong, knowing that happiness comes from faithfulness.

Only have this for this week. I can´t believe that I’m going to be a lone ranger down here in the mission field. Lauren is going home in a week. Can´t wait to see Grandma and Grandpa this week!!!

Com Amor,
Elder Seth


Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

‎This we was super busy for us. But it was really great.

 This week Elder Xavier and I were focusing a lot on or recent converters and helping the ward out. It really hard to give the same type of attention to your recent converts as we gave before they were baptized.  Its hard at times to time budget recent converts, less actives, and find new people to teach. For this reason, we are starting to help out members that are strong to gain that testimony of missionary work. It is making the biggest difference for us because we are able to work on finding new people and not worry about our recent baptisms getting the attention they need.
 The members here are fantastic and are starting to getting  the vision of missionary work. They are visiting people, inviting them to eat, etc. This is perfect for your recent converts because their testimonies are growing still, with a friend at there side. They will progress in the gospel at a fast rate. We can baptize every single person in the world, but if they don´t stay firm in the Church, it is  just in vain.

 Many of you remember Thainá who was baptized a few weeks ago. She is doing great and we are teaching her friends right now. One of her friends is Sthela. Sthela is awesome. She is 17 years old and some rough things have already happened in her life. Her Dad passed away 1 year ago and she was really close to him.  We taught the Plan of Salvation and she was crying  when we told her that she could see her Dad again. It was a really spiritual experience for everyone there. I loving testifying that our lives have a purpose and family are meant to be together forever. On the next visit we taught about baptism and we marked a date with her!!!! We thought she would not accept but the Spirit touched her heart.

 The Stake President asked if our Zone could sing at a fireside last Saturday. I was really cool because it was about Religious Freedom. There was a lot of people for other Churches there. It was really beautiful and we have a new Sister that plays the Violin. It worked out perfectly. We wore pink ties(wasn´t my choice) But it turned out perfect.

  Elder Xavier is the best. It´s sad that I only have 5 more weeks  with him. I think my favorite part about him is that he has everything, but he is very humble. He is smart, kind, funny, etc I´m learning so  much from him, the things he teaches me,  and also through his example.

I´m loving my mission. I loving building the Kingdom of God here on the earth. This is where I need to be for these 2 years.

Shout out to one of my great friend and examples, Sterling who is leaving to serve a mission in Brasil. Congrats my Brother, your going to love every second,  Bem-vindo aos Céus

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015- Mother's Day

‎This week was amazing. First off, it was great to talk to everyone back home over skype! I loved hearing your voices and being able to talk. It was short but with out a doubt memorable. Thank you Mother for being so loving to me, there is no way I can possible pay you back for all the things you have done for me. I was so nervous when I was talking to the family of Elder Xavier, their  family is huge just like ours. I´m pretty sure they think I have problems because I couldn't  formulate a sentence. Sadly I think I lost my chance to live with them after the mission hahaha.

    Sadly 5 of our missionaries were transferred today to other Zones. I´m sad to see them leave but i´m also very excited to see some new blood in our areas. The zone is finally getting the groove down, can´t wait so see them work.

  Last Pday we had our zone activity which was bowling. I loved ever second of it. Even though I was one of the worst ones there. Of course my Comp destroyed me when he rarely played before the mission. Looks like Thanksgiving Bowling with the Fam really didn´t help me out. I loved seeing everyone having fun, they really deserved it because of how hard they worked this transfer. Everyone was able to relax and have a good time. 

 On Friday we had 2 baptisms! Samily and Tailany. Samily is the cousin of a member. She has being going to church for a few weeks and we finally realized that she wasn´t baptized. We taught her all the lessons with her cousin Cleriston who will be leaving for his mission in 3 months. It was such a special experience to see him baptize his Cousin before he left on his mission.

 Tailany was a contact that we did when we were visiting a reference. The person that we were looking for wasn´t home, so we ended up talking to Tailany.  She was timid at first once we broke the ice she opened up. She said that she was hesitant at first because she had heard all of bad things about us. She  told us that she was looking for a church that was true but never felt that she had found it. A few weeks ago she was in sacrament meeting and she turned  over and said ´´So when I can I get baptized?´´ The rest was history and she stopped drink alcohol and coffee the same day that we taught her. Elder Xavier and I were so surprised with the faith and obedience that she had. I know that because of this church her life and the lives of her family member will be better!

  I don´t know that else to say rather than I´m happy. I´m truly loving my time here in Gama. I miss my family and friends but I have no desire to return home until my 2 years are up. I hope everyone is enjoying the little things of life. The little things we appreciate will make the biggest differences is our lives. Até o próximo.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

To start off Thainá was baptized on Tuesday! It was such an amazing experience. She was baptized on her birthday and after she shared her testimony. Everyone's jaw dropped because of how strong her testimony is in such a short time. Let´s just say she is one of the best investigators I have ever seen or heard off. First off she stopped drink coffee like cold turkey. She cancelled all of her events that she had planned on Sunday to keep that Sabbath day Holy and she read the Book of Mormon in 10 days.

For the rest of the week she was doing visits with us. She wants us to teach her friends and family so that they have the same change of heart that she had.   She said without a doubt she will serve a mission. It all happened so fast I didn´t even have time to soak up all the experiences. We are so proud of her and we are graeful to God for putting her in our path.

For all the people that remember Nina that was baptized 2 weeks ago, she is progressing more that I could have ever imagined. When we were first teaching her she wasn´t able say a pray in front of 3 people because she was so nervous. This Sunday she got up and bore her testimony in front of 170 people! She talked about the huge change in her life and how she is so much more happier now. The last thing she said was that she will do everything the make sure that her family would be baptized.

Here on the mission I feel like a bug on the wall just watching all the miracles. As missionary we convince nobody. We are just here to find the Lord's Elects and present the gospel. The secret is the work that God does through the Holy Ghost. The mission is passing way to fast. This transfer with Elder Xavier will end in 1 week. It felt like yesterday that I left Palmas. I fell that changes in my heart and desires because of this time I'v spent here. Love every second here.

Next Sunday is Mothers Day hehe. We can talk better then!

Com Amor,
Elder‎ Seth