Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014-

This week was way different than every other day on my mission. This Area is literally the complete opposite of Jardim Ingá. Jardim Ingá had dirt roads, few people had cars, you get the point. Cruizero, Everyone has a car, super nice, it really reminded me of America.
Missionary work here is different as well. There is literally nobody on the street to talk to. And the only people that are on the streets are walking there dogs. As you guys know I'm not the biggest fan of dogs. But they were the only people to talk to. I petted more dogs in two days that I have in my entire life combined. Also people don't really care to hear to gospel because they think they are happy because they have money. But little do they know money can't buy happiness. It was rough because very few people wanted to hear our message and I know it can change there lives of the better.
I've been spending a lot of time studying language with my comp. He is such a good teacher and I can tell that my Portuguese has improved a lot this week. I started to read the Bible in Portuguese and write in my journal in Portuguese. When I read, write and speak it I'm able to say it better and memorize it better.
Although the area here is super hard to teach people its not hot at all. Its crazy, its like perfect all the time. Minos one time when I was changing apartments with all my bags and its was pouring cats and dogs sideways. Everyone and everything got soaked. But we loved every second of it. An experience I was never forget.
My favorite moment was when were eating lunch at a members house. I was 2 other Americans and my Brasilia comp. the member thought I was a Brazilian the entire time. i know I'm far from being fluent but little moments like that help let me know that my studying is actually going somewhere.

 November 1st were going up to our new area. I cant wait, everyone says that its super bonito e has a lot of culture. I imagine it as a theme park with no lines because we are going to be the first missionaries to ever set foot in that City. 5 more days.

Eu não posso esperar. Eu estou muito feliz por esse oportunidade para servir uma Missão por Deus.

Photos of a family here and a picture of us after walking 3km in pouring rain.

Miss you guys, I'm doing great cant believe its been 3 months already

Come Amor,
Elder Seth

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014-

   I want start out by saying this week was pretty hot. I lost 3 kilos in 5 days. There really was no escape, it was hot morning, day and night. But iv been trying to eat double the beans and rice, so I have faith ill gain it back.
This week the American Elder that was staying in the same house went home, he finished his 2 years. It was hilarious because he returned home with literally nothing, a few soccer Jerseys, but that's it. For his going home party his investigator bought a ton of food and stuff. It was really cool to see the relationship he had with his investigators. Its to bad he isn't able to see there baptism. I cant wait to have this with my investigators when I can speak way better Portuguese.
Some funny things that happened to me this week was this member gave us this thing called Din Din. Its basically like a Ice(frozen popcical ). But with fresh juice. There are so good. The Irmã made me try this green one. It ended up that is was avocado with a lot of sugar. I didn't care because anything cold sits fine with me. Also one person said that I look 28 years old. Either she has no idea what she's talking about or that mission has made me look really old.
My comp said that I taught and entire lesson while I was sleeping in Portuguese. He said I invited them to pray, invited them to baptism and everything. We were laughing about that for a long time. I always love to hear what I do when I'll sleep walking because I remember nothing.
I got transferred to a new area. I will miss my first areá, Jardim Ingá. I learn so many thing culture, language, and stuff about myself. I'm leaving 5 Baptism dates of people I truly grew to love. I'm going to miss João a lot. I loved this kid, he was that one that came to church after the dunking thing. I feel bad because I didn't even say bye. He loved hearing me talk English and he asked me if I was going to play in the NBA when I returned home(Hahaha nope) I will really miss the people and members there but life keeps going.
I really liked my comp but I know I will be better off in this new area. My new comp is the Assistant to the President. He is amazing, he is from Brazil and have 6 weeks left on his mission. We are also opening a new area that has never had missionaries. Its going to be hard because we wont´have members to help us. Looks like were going to have to baptism them haha. I'm really excited because he is an amazing missionary.

Time is short here and I'm dripping in sweat. I want to let of you know I'm doing great and cant wait for what is to come
 ``Change is not merely necessary to life. It is life.``
-The Chinese fortune cookie I have taped on the back of my plaque.

Eu sei que eu preciso fazer esse trabalho porque pessoas precisam o Evangelho de Jesus Crsito. Eu oro para vocês cada Dia.

No pictures this week, they don't have an adapter at this computer place.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

This week was great, had its ups and had its downs. We had a a lot of great experiences that were extremely memorable.

Remember when I was talking about how awesome the rain, wind and clouds were last week. Well unfortunately, a members roof got blown off, and then it started to pour. All 4 missionaries went over to help. The poor sister was crying when we came to the scene. We spent the next 5 hours helping restore the house. I'm just glad that there are missionaries in the area because for just the man in the house to do the work it would have taken days. I'm happy to say there roof has been restored and were going back to move everything back in the house. Its the least we could do for the members for all the help they give us.

So this week I went on a companion trade with Elder Labrada. We were all the bus on our way to the city of Luiziana. Suddenly the bus came to a complete stop. There was a road block of buses. They had parked across the highway on both sides cause miles and miles of traffic. It was a protest because of all the bus robberies. We had an appointment so Elder Labrada and ! had to walk the rest on foot, 9km (6 miles) on foot. At 1 in the afternoon with that blazing sun. Lets just say that was a great experience.
Although that wasn't the best way to start the day, It was probably the best day of my mission. We work like dogs. Didn't pass a single person with out talking to them. I really like this Elder a lot because he knows how to work and he works in a very smart way. He told me "Were trying to find people that are ready to hear our lesson. Its not that we don´t help others but we need to help those that are ready, the elects." So we would teach lesson right there on the street, it acted as a "tryout". If they maintained eye contact, asked good questions and want to hear more we made sure to visit them again. This is brilliant because everyone in Brazil is nice but you can tell who is looking for the true gospel.

Later with that Elder we were walking by the sports courts and we saw a kid who was less active. He was with 10 of his friends playing basketball. I told them "Se eu posso dunk com duas mãos, vocês precisam ouvir a nossa mensagem." (If I can dunk with 2 hands you guys have to listen to our message)They all agreed. I was a little neverous, Im not going to lie because I was in my full out church clothes and I haven't played ball in forever. But God gave me the power to do it and we got to teach them. 2 of them were extremely interested and wanted us to teach there families. The best part of all was the less active kids Dad said he would bring them to church. This was truly a miracle because we found some "elects" and we are receiving the help from less actives to do so.

One of the down sides of the week was the Mom and Daughter who we have been teaching all week and they had a baptismal date didn't show up to church. It hurts when this happen because you work so hard to get them to see the truth. We cant force them to do anything. If they don't go to church next week were going to have to let them go.

I can say I'm able to understand almost everything that has to do with church stuff is Portuguese but other stuff I'm up in the clouds. If someone tries to talk to me about features of a car, I just smile and act like I understand. IT was come eventually. This Sunday was my first fast Sunday in the mission field. I got up and bore my testimony. I was so nervous but so glad I did it. Conquering fears one at a time haha.
Its crazy to think my first transfer ends in a week(Transfer 6 weeks). It flew to say the least. I only have 15 more to go. So crazy to think about.
I'm trying to make every moment count because just like that its gone.
Hope all is well, pray for you guys everyday.

Thank you Dad for the package, the family with the 8 kids loved the coloring books and candy. They were hugging those simple books like it was there first present ever. It brought an smile to my face that I'm able to serve the people of Brazil for the next 2 years.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014-God does Answer Prayers!

   I want to start out my saying God does answer prayers if you truly ask with real intent. The power of prayer is as powerful as you make it. If you ask for help and you have faith it can happen it will,  In Gods own way and time. He will help with the big things and even the small things. I have been praying for many things while I have been living here in Jardim Ingá, Brasil. One of the first things was for weather. The weather here for my first 4 weeks was literally unbearable. You couldn´t escape the treacherous heat unless you took a cold shower. It gets up to 38 C and doesn't cool down much a night. This week was amazing, it was always cloudy and if there wasn't clouds there was a breeze. We were able to sleep better at night and work hard in the day going from house to house, and contacting people after people.
    I understand that the language isn't going to magically appear to me over night. But iv learned that if I truly listen I'm able to feel what the person is saying. Iv realized its all about how much you want it, just like everything else in life. If I truly want to learn this language, I need to work. Practicing conversations while walking, memorizing new words at the bus stop, and reading the Book of Mormon. everything counts.
    I loved conference this week it was really great to here directly from the people who speak for the Church and God. I'm not going to lie my favorite talk was Jorg Klebingat. This guy was so direct and didn't waste time beating around the bush. That's what I like to hear.
    We have 2 baptismal dates coming up. We would have a lot more but people don't go to church on sundays. They can pray and read all they want but they will never develop a testimony with out going to church. We try to pick people up to go but magically they aren't in there houses. Its frustrating but we cant force people. Its a work in progress to say the least.
   Some members told us to be careful when going home on the bus because there has been a lot of bus robberies from Brasilia to Jardim Inga where we live. I was already bugging out when I saw two clowns jump on the bus and start yelling. This was literally exactly want happen in every Holly Wood movie, clowns robbing people. My comp and I were freaking out. We thought we were done for. Then the clown reaches into this hug bag and pulls out a small guitar. He danced and sang for a little bit and ask for money, no one gave him a cent.

   Every day you learn something new. Iv learn to stop eating the pasta and pizza here. Its true not worth eating. They just cook the pasta for just 30 mins to long, so I like to just stick with my rice and beans. If a legit Italian restaurant opened they would make some serious cash.

   In our zone there are 3 Elders heading home in 13 days. Its really weird for me because we are basically on two different sides of the spectrum. I'm starting and there heading home to caring on there lives in the land of the Red White and Blue. Its weird but I hope that I can be like them some day and be great missionaries like them.

   Nobody has the control to be perfect in this life, that's a fact. But we can be perfect in the things that we can control. It starts with the little things. If you can't do the little things how do you expect to do the big things.
    I try to live by this motto, praying, read etc. So that when I have a chance to help someone come unto Christ ill be prepared.

Hope life is going great. Love you guys. Brasil is treating me good.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth
Here is some pics of the Americanos watching conference

Elder Seth
AOS 5/6 Bloco A
Bairro Octogonal