Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

The days pass like minutes and the week pass like seconds around here. I can´t believe it´s Monday again. Things are getting really busy here.

    We were in a meeting with President when we heard the news of the bombing in Europe. After we discovered that one of the missionaries was from Santa Clara Utah. Elder Patterson(my comp in the CTM and one of my best friends on the mission) friend was one of the 3 missionaries, they are friend since birth. It was really hard on Elder Patterson because as missionaries we don´t get updates until Monday. Pray for these Elders and everyone that is suffering.
  Sadly the baptisms of Daniel and Giselle didn´t happen. She is a leader in her church and one night her buddies all went over there and convinced her out of it. She sent a message to us that said" I know that your church is the true church on the earth but I have greater calling and and God is calling me" This was some hard news for me to take because God gave her varies answer about the church. I just hope and pray that she will understand one day. 
  On the bright side Edna was baptized this week. She was super ready and prepared by the lord. She is a great example to the rest of her family and we are wanting to baptized her parents. We just need to the help them understand the importance of make covenant's with God. I have faith that with alittle time they well get baptized also. 
   There is an area in the mission that doesn´t have missionaries right now because it´s dangerous and a few elders got beat up.(Aguas Lindas) But the members there were still working and they taught a few people to the point that they had desire to get baptized. President called us up and we hoped on the bus for 2 hours to interview these people. It was a really great experience to see how the Lords elects are still being found. It was truly privilege to interview them. 
  The transfers are already coming up so we are up to our ears in planning how it is going to be, buy bus passes, ect. The busy life is the best life! Loving my mission!
Can´t believe that Hannah is in the mission field now! Good luck Sis, make us proud. Katie and Justin, keep rocking it. You guys are great!

-Elder Seth

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 21, 2016

Surprise we had a baptism this week! On Saturday Adaiza was baptize. It was really great. The baptismal font was really dirty before we cleaned it,  It has been 9 months since this ward has had baptism. There were a lot of people that went to the baptism and brought a lot of food. It was an amazing event to get her excited and feel welcomed.
Adaiza was literally an elect. she found out about the church through the English Class. She was at the English class and after asked to see a tour of the church and we answered a lot of here questions. The same day she wanted to be baptized. Since we have to make sure that they really want to be baptized they have to wait 2 weeks. She went to all of the activities and family nights we marked. She was clearly prepare by the Lord. She was asking when she was going to get a calling, what people she could visit, and even gave the idea to do contact at the town park! I love the way the Lord works. Although we don't have the time work a lot in our area, the Lord understands the desires of our hearts. I was so grateful to be present in this miracle. And without a doubt she will be a leader and will help a lot of people.

This week a Gizele and Daniel will be baptized as well. They were also references from the English class.(this is a gold mine) Gizele was a rock strong member of the church Congregation Cristã do Brasil. She was a missionary/ leader. when we explained the Book of Mormon and the Priesthood power. we invited her to read and pray about the things that we said. That Sunday she received her answer from that Holy Ghost in sacrament meeting. That night we visited her and marked a date with her and her son Daniel.
We are really excited. She has a really strong spirit and it will help her family so much. The blessings the Lord promises us are unbelievable.

I am working  hard, learning so much. Hannah you are going to love the mission.

I love my mission. Simple, love the hard parts and the good parts. Everything that happens make this experience so memorable and worth it.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

Friday, March 18, 2016

March 11, 2016

 Hey Everyone!
  This week was crazy! The routine in my new area is so different, so I´m still getting use to it. For example we had a day full of visits but we had to cancel the visits because sadly a sister was going home early. we had to pick here up, take here to her interview with the president and then drop her off at the airport. And after all that was said and done it was 10Pm. So at times it´s difficult to leave teaching people but I understand that we have to help them missionaries in the way they need to be helped, even if it makes our situation difficult. 
   Our mission has a couple missionary, They are giving English classes ever Saturday morning. The class is starting to get serious. They started with 2 and now have 30 students. This is one of the best way to get people to teach. Since the area is a rich area it´s hard to talk with people on the street or knocking doors. But this English class is helping us alot get new people to teach. We have already marked 3 baptismal dates with the students of this English class! Every week there are more and more people so we are super excited!
 Miracle of the week was after the English class. We were leaving to go to lunch and I felt that we had to sit down at a park bench. I don´t know why. As everyone know at home and on the mission I can´t stand staying still, but we sat down. We waited 15 minutes and a woman came up to us and started to talk with us. She said "Elders! So happy I found you. I´m from another state and I was receiving the lessons from other missionaries. I had to move because of my work and I wasn´t able to be baptized. I´v been looking for the church but I haven´t been able to find it for 2 months!" When this happened my jaw almost fell to the floor. What a miracle. We got her address and marked a visit with her. We are really exited to visit her and help her gain a testimony of this gospel. 
   Well there is a lot more amazing things that happened this week but i´m short on time. Thank you everyone for your support and love. I know that this mission that I´m serving moved me to be a better person. I don´t think alot about home but I´m anxious to used the things I learned to be a better person when I return!
Até semana que vem!

Com Amor,

Elder Seth

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 9, 2016

This week Seth's mission president sent us an email with some news about Seth's new assignment. I thought it was better to have Seth share the news. Since he didn't in his update below I thought I would include the email.

President Lundgren wrote:

"Just wanted to let you know that I have called Seth as one of my assistants here in the mission. He is a remarkable young man and is deserving in every way of being a leader! We played a little soccer today in the pouring rain which was a lot of fun! Thanks for raising such an awesome young man!" 

March 7, 2016

So on Monday as I was just getting use to my new area, I received a call. I was transferred again! I have never been transferred so many times in such little time! But the Lord know what's going on.

My new comp is Elder Barbosa, he is from São Paulo. Super cool. We are going to have a great time.

Anyway,  I was able to return to my other area to see the wedding of Fabiana and Rubens. I was a witness at the Wedding. It was really special. They were even more excited to be baptized. Sadly, there was no way to return to the area to see the baptism but I was able to see the photos and I heard that it was a very spiritual. I can´t wait to see how they will progress in the gospel. They are truly a special family to me.

I´m living in a house of 6 missionaries which is crazy. Everyone has an important role and a million things to do. But we also find ourselves laughing our guts out together which makes the stressful moments more enjoyable.

I´m still getting to know my new area and the members. but i´m excited to get going. The ward is great so I shouldn´t be to hard to get referrals.

Sorry my email is so short. Time is really short around here. also I won´t have a set day to send emails, it will depend on the mission's schedule. Love everyone!

Com amor,
Elder Seth