Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30 2014- Entering the CTM


As you all know Seth entered the Missionary Training Center in Sao Paulo today.

This morning we met at Daniels apartment and I had the privilege of giving Seth a father's blessing.

Then we traveled to Sao Paulo and met President Swenson the MTC President at a chapel near the MTC. Ron and Marcia Ferrin also attended. He set Seth apart and gave him beautiful blessing. He blessed him with everything he will need to be a great missionary.

After the blessing we asked Seth if he wanted to go to lunch with us. He said he wanted get going and go back to the MTC with the president. He loaded his bags in his car and off they went together.

He was totally ready to go as witnessed by the email he sent an hour later.

"Its so funny to see the other new Americans. These kids are so scared it hilarious. I keep trying to calm them down. I ain't nervous yet at all hahaahhha. time to kick butt for the lord. So bored right now while all this kids are writing there essay long sob stories."

What a boy. Already leading.

He will be a great missionary. We are so blessed to now have 2 missionaries in the field.

Thank you all for your help in preparing Seth. Enjoy the pictures.


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