Friday, August 8, 2014

Hey Everyone,
Sorry for taking so long to write everyone. They made my P day on Friday and they skip they first P day (I don't know why). Sorry about the grammar. Little time and this key boards are Brazilian to say the least.
Ok so I'm not going to lie its been a pretty crazy week and hard. You really don't know how hard it is until you get here. You never have a second to yourself. Wake up and 630 and going to bed at 1030. With no free time. I think that its better that you don't get any free time because the second you do you just think of home. When the mind is idol, that is when it wanders and loses focus on the work. It has happened a few times to be where I think of home, you feel awful. The only way to fix it is put your head down and get back to work.
This place is no joke. They literally ram you every second of the day. From learning the language, studying doctrine, and teach investigators in Portuguese. Yes, that's right. Everyday we have to give an investigator a 30 min lesson on church doctrine in Portuguese. They made us do it on our second day, I was surprised we actually did it. The first day we all could pray and say our testimonies in Portuguese. Its crazy what effect the Spirit and gift of tongues has on someone learning. I've learned 2x more Portuguese in the past 8 days that Spanish in 6 years.
My District is pretty legit. My companion is named Elder Patterson who is a red head (Hannah(winkyface)) that lives in St. George Utah. Amazing kid, very easy to get along with. He is very Spiritual and obedient which is the best part. I was honored to be called as the district leader which isn't as fun as it sounds. You have to act like a mom to a bunch of 18 and 19 year old kids. But They are all smart kids and understand why I'm telling them what they have to do. They are all from utah, surprise surprise. Also 5 of the 7 are going to Brasilia which is going to be awesome. They are all great kids.
It is truly amazing how much you love doing church stuff 24/7 when you are feeling the spirit. I am attempting to read the entire Book of Mormon in the 6 weeks that  at the CTM. Its gonna be hard because we have no time to. This work is not easy, you get discouraged very easily and you are always tired because of a lack of sleep. But it is so rewarding to just think that in a few weeks I'll be on the streets of Brasilia serving the people and bringing the true gospel into there lives.

I miss home and everyone a lot but i know this is where I must be.
I want to thank everyone that helped me get here. i know I would be sitting in the CTM without all of your support.


Elder Neeleman

PS letters might be a better form of communication since computer time is so limited and only on one day of the week.
Elder Seth Neeleman
Brazil Brasilia Mission
Brazil Mission Training Center
Rua Padre Anotonio D Angelo
Casa Verde
02516-040 Sao Paulo -SP

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