Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014-

This week was way different than every other day on my mission. This Area is literally the complete opposite of Jardim Ingá. Jardim Ingá had dirt roads, few people had cars, you get the point. Cruizero, Everyone has a car, super nice, it really reminded me of America.
Missionary work here is different as well. There is literally nobody on the street to talk to. And the only people that are on the streets are walking there dogs. As you guys know I'm not the biggest fan of dogs. But they were the only people to talk to. I petted more dogs in two days that I have in my entire life combined. Also people don't really care to hear to gospel because they think they are happy because they have money. But little do they know money can't buy happiness. It was rough because very few people wanted to hear our message and I know it can change there lives of the better.
I've been spending a lot of time studying language with my comp. He is such a good teacher and I can tell that my Portuguese has improved a lot this week. I started to read the Bible in Portuguese and write in my journal in Portuguese. When I read, write and speak it I'm able to say it better and memorize it better.
Although the area here is super hard to teach people its not hot at all. Its crazy, its like perfect all the time. Minos one time when I was changing apartments with all my bags and its was pouring cats and dogs sideways. Everyone and everything got soaked. But we loved every second of it. An experience I was never forget.
My favorite moment was when were eating lunch at a members house. I was 2 other Americans and my Brasilia comp. the member thought I was a Brazilian the entire time. i know I'm far from being fluent but little moments like that help let me know that my studying is actually going somewhere.

 November 1st were going up to our new area. I cant wait, everyone says that its super bonito e has a lot of culture. I imagine it as a theme park with no lines because we are going to be the first missionaries to ever set foot in that City. 5 more days.

Eu não posso esperar. Eu estou muito feliz por esse oportunidade para servir uma Missão por Deus.

Photos of a family here and a picture of us after walking 3km in pouring rain.

Miss you guys, I'm doing great cant believe its been 3 months already

Come Amor,
Elder Seth

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