Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014-God does Answer Prayers!

   I want to start out my saying God does answer prayers if you truly ask with real intent. The power of prayer is as powerful as you make it. If you ask for help and you have faith it can happen it will,  In Gods own way and time. He will help with the big things and even the small things. I have been praying for many things while I have been living here in Jardim Ingá, Brasil. One of the first things was for weather. The weather here for my first 4 weeks was literally unbearable. You couldn´t escape the treacherous heat unless you took a cold shower. It gets up to 38 C and doesn't cool down much a night. This week was amazing, it was always cloudy and if there wasn't clouds there was a breeze. We were able to sleep better at night and work hard in the day going from house to house, and contacting people after people.
    I understand that the language isn't going to magically appear to me over night. But iv learned that if I truly listen I'm able to feel what the person is saying. Iv realized its all about how much you want it, just like everything else in life. If I truly want to learn this language, I need to work. Practicing conversations while walking, memorizing new words at the bus stop, and reading the Book of Mormon. everything counts.
    I loved conference this week it was really great to here directly from the people who speak for the Church and God. I'm not going to lie my favorite talk was Jorg Klebingat. This guy was so direct and didn't waste time beating around the bush. That's what I like to hear.
    We have 2 baptismal dates coming up. We would have a lot more but people don't go to church on sundays. They can pray and read all they want but they will never develop a testimony with out going to church. We try to pick people up to go but magically they aren't in there houses. Its frustrating but we cant force people. Its a work in progress to say the least.
   Some members told us to be careful when going home on the bus because there has been a lot of bus robberies from Brasilia to Jardim Inga where we live. I was already bugging out when I saw two clowns jump on the bus and start yelling. This was literally exactly want happen in every Holly Wood movie, clowns robbing people. My comp and I were freaking out. We thought we were done for. Then the clown reaches into this hug bag and pulls out a small guitar. He danced and sang for a little bit and ask for money, no one gave him a cent.

   Every day you learn something new. Iv learn to stop eating the pasta and pizza here. Its true not worth eating. They just cook the pasta for just 30 mins to long, so I like to just stick with my rice and beans. If a legit Italian restaurant opened they would make some serious cash.

   In our zone there are 3 Elders heading home in 13 days. Its really weird for me because we are basically on two different sides of the spectrum. I'm starting and there heading home to caring on there lives in the land of the Red White and Blue. Its weird but I hope that I can be like them some day and be great missionaries like them.

   Nobody has the control to be perfect in this life, that's a fact. But we can be perfect in the things that we can control. It starts with the little things. If you can't do the little things how do you expect to do the big things.
    I try to live by this motto, praying, read etc. So that when I have a chance to help someone come unto Christ ill be prepared.

Hope life is going great. Love you guys. Brasil is treating me good.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth
Here is some pics of the Americanos watching conference

Elder Seth
AOS 5/6 Bloco A
Bairro Octogonal

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