Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014-

   I want start out by saying this week was pretty hot. I lost 3 kilos in 5 days. There really was no escape, it was hot morning, day and night. But iv been trying to eat double the beans and rice, so I have faith ill gain it back.
This week the American Elder that was staying in the same house went home, he finished his 2 years. It was hilarious because he returned home with literally nothing, a few soccer Jerseys, but that's it. For his going home party his investigator bought a ton of food and stuff. It was really cool to see the relationship he had with his investigators. Its to bad he isn't able to see there baptism. I cant wait to have this with my investigators when I can speak way better Portuguese.
Some funny things that happened to me this week was this member gave us this thing called Din Din. Its basically like a Ice(frozen popcical ). But with fresh juice. There are so good. The Irmã made me try this green one. It ended up that is was avocado with a lot of sugar. I didn't care because anything cold sits fine with me. Also one person said that I look 28 years old. Either she has no idea what she's talking about or that mission has made me look really old.
My comp said that I taught and entire lesson while I was sleeping in Portuguese. He said I invited them to pray, invited them to baptism and everything. We were laughing about that for a long time. I always love to hear what I do when I'll sleep walking because I remember nothing.
I got transferred to a new area. I will miss my first areá, Jardim Ingá. I learn so many thing culture, language, and stuff about myself. I'm leaving 5 Baptism dates of people I truly grew to love. I'm going to miss João a lot. I loved this kid, he was that one that came to church after the dunking thing. I feel bad because I didn't even say bye. He loved hearing me talk English and he asked me if I was going to play in the NBA when I returned home(Hahaha nope) I will really miss the people and members there but life keeps going.
I really liked my comp but I know I will be better off in this new area. My new comp is the Assistant to the President. He is amazing, he is from Brazil and have 6 weeks left on his mission. We are also opening a new area that has never had missionaries. Its going to be hard because we wont´have members to help us. Looks like were going to have to baptism them haha. I'm really excited because he is an amazing missionary.

Time is short here and I'm dripping in sweat. I want to let of you know I'm doing great and cant wait for what is to come
 ``Change is not merely necessary to life. It is life.``
-The Chinese fortune cookie I have taped on the back of my plaque.

Eu sei que eu preciso fazer esse trabalho porque pessoas precisam o Evangelho de Jesus Crsito. Eu oro para vocês cada Dia.

No pictures this week, they don't have an adapter at this computer place.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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