Monday, February 16, 2015

February 15, 2015- Ups and Downs!


‎This week was a roller coaster ride to say the least. I felt like we had hit the highest moment and also felt like we were spiraling out of control to the lowest. 2 weeks ago we thought we had everything locked up, in the bag, packed up and ready to go ( what ever way you like to look at something that you THINK will happen for certain.)
   One of the saddest things iv figured out on the mission is how people change there desires when it comes to acting. For example this one family that we love was super excited to hear our messages. The spirit was there really strongly and without hesitation they accepted a date to be baptised. They said that what we are teaching is true and that The Book of Mormon is true. We were exited beyond belief. But, as they are started to learn more about the Gospel there started to get less active. There testimony of the stuff we were teaching never changed, they know that this things are of God. But, they were holding on tightly to the things of the world.
   We tried, and tried to help them understand that by living the gospel they could have eternal happiness, but sadly they weren´t willing to follow Jesus Christ. My heart was broken to stay the least. My comp told me its all good and that at the next appointment would be better.
   We went to another house were this girl that we were teaching loved our messages and was preparing to get baptism. when we arrived the Mom answer the door and said, I don´t what you guys to visit my house anymore, my Pastor said that she can´t listen to you anymore. Don´t come back.
  I'm not going to go into detail with the other but this same result happened with 4 more people that were firmly preparing for baptism.
  To tell you I was in the best state would be a huge lie. My comp and I were confused and more sad than anything else. We were working non stopped, teaching, planning, and showing our love for this people. To be realistic it felt like I got dumped 6 times this week hahaha.
  Something Iv learned on the mission when the going get rough, put your head down and work. We started a fast and let the spirit guide us and we saw the miracle arrive!
  This Sunday we had a bunch of people go to church and by themselves. that's the best investigator because they are showing they they really care. Then we found a family of 5 that loved our message, marked another day to visit and gave us a bucket of mango's.
  Lastly we were dead tired, walking home to collapse on the bed when the Spirit spoke to me and said speak to those people that you just past. At first I was think, no I'm tried, don't have time and I just kept walking. But I heard that voice again. This time I finally did what the voice said know that denying that voice 3 time would be very dangers haaha. Another miracle, they said that they always wanted to speak to the missionaries but never had the courage to talk to us. Then they said that everyone talks really bad about us, but they didn´t understand when. We marked a day to talk more. the rest is history.
  The mission isn´t only rainbows and sunshine, there is cloudy and cold day. But, if you always keep in mind that the sun is still shining behind those clouds and keep working, it is all going to work out.
   I hope everyone is doing great in the cold. I got burn this week for the first time on the mission, things are heating up here in Palmas.
 I miss you guys and pray for you often!!!

Com Amor,
Elder Seth‎

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