Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

‎This week was transfers! Elder Labrada and I are staying together for at least one more!!! Its going to be great because we can work together for the entire transfer without sickness or him having to leave the area for weeks at a time.
This week was THE hardest working week of the mission we have had in terms of numbers. At the start of the week we set high goals and we went hunting to accomplish that. We have so many people that were teaching that even if we wanted to sit down and take a break we couldn´t. Its great how we run house to house and just help people feel the spirit.
  One day this´past week we didn´t know who to visit. We said a quick prayer and a name popped into my head. As we were knocking on that persons door this girl came up to us and ask if we could visit her family. Without hesitation we said `
`If we have time we will stop by´´(gotta play hard to get at times) Then someone came to the door that we were knocking, the Mom of the person that we looking for came to the door and said she wasn´t home. We started to chat it up. she ended up letting us in and she loved our message. We marked another day to return.
 After that lesson we ran over the house of the girl who talked to us and it was full of people. They are awesome to say the least. They were the most reverent people iv ever taught. Raising there hands to ask a question. Completely focus on what we were teaching. They said that the entire story of Joseph Smith makes sense. The only problem is they are super  active in there church. They visit there church 4 times a week. Its going to take alot of work for them but it will be worth it because its one of Gods families.
 Its crazy how through prayer God will always respond. Within 10 minutes he had put 7 people in our path, he literally sent the girl to talk to us. I live for these tender mercies.
 This work isn´t easy because we have so many people to teach and its impossible to give each of them the attention that they need to progress. So sadly were going to having to let go more than half of the people we are teaching because if there not read, praying or going to church we can´t use our time with them. There is just to many people that are needing our message right now.
 I know I'm here in Brasil not to serve a mission but because I have a mission. A mission spread the gospel with every person and the help those who have a desire to follow Jesus Christ be baptized.
 Time and life is to short to think about what we should have done yesterday or dreaming about what we want for the future. Its about what we are going to do right now to make the big differences in life.

Another transfer in the Palmas. Can´t wait to see how it turns out!!!
Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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