Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 13, 2015

The ball keeps rolling

I´m really short on time because we were traveling this p-day so I will give a quick update of the week.

  First off i´m loving our ward. The kids are awesome. They are all getting excited with the missionary work and they are all wanting to do visits with us. Because of them,  we managed to 32 lessons with member this week. They are also getting the spirit of sharing the gospel and they are wanting us to teach their close friends. We are doing a lot with the young people of this ward because they have alot of friends and a lot of time. It´s really great because we are using them to help us to do visits and their testimonies and knowledge of the gospel are increasing.

 Funny moment. Our ward had Americans visiting this Sunday. Being an American I went to talk to them. The only problem is they could barely understand me because it has been so long since I've spoken  in English. They couldn´t stop laughing because I wasn't making sense. You pay the price to learn a language.

 We are teaching Julia who is a friend of Nina. She is really sweet and has a lot of interest in what we are teaching. We always like to talk about families and the joy we  feel with them. When we started to say that at times our families hit a rough spot,  she just started to cry. She said that her family was going through some difficult times and that she is looking for help. We explained that gospel is the way to have a family really happy. It was a really touching experience to see the peace she felt after the message. She said  that Nina(recent convert) has changed a lot and that she is a better person. . This is why I love this church, we don´t have to go door to door to help baptize people. At times we just need to be the firm example in what God wants us to be.

 We are working, and with time we will see the fruits. It´s taking its time, but it will come.

Thank you Dad for the package, means a lot.

Hope all is well. Be the example that God wants.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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