Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015

I had a blast this week!!!

This week was so much fun to say the least. Nothing better that working and seeing the results. To start off we had service project as a stake. We went to a catholic church a redid everything. We built walls, painted, plastered, cut the grass, ect. It was amazing to see the difference we made. This is why I love is church, it doesn´t matter who you are, we are trying to serve everyone.(picture with the Padre)

This week was a little difficult to work with members because everyone went to the temple! This is the best excuse to be traveling. Everyone loved it and felt the spirit really strong. And guess what..one of our recent converts went, ThainĂ¡! She was baptized only 3 months ago. She loved ever second of it and said she can´t wait to go again. The this Sunday she gave her first talk in church about Faith and the temple trip. I love seeing people become better because of the gospel of Christ. The Lord truly blessed me to me an instrument in her life and to see her progress.photo at the temple

The latest on Isabella. We passed by a few time this week to get her ready for her baptism. We taught the word of wisdom. She was shock that coffee is a no no. She said she loved coffee and drank it everyday. At the end we talked about the blessing and the Lords promise. she said if it´s a commandment of God I will have to follow it. We confirmed with her that she would go to church this Sunday.
  We Sunday came around we were waiting in the front for her. 10 minutes passed, 30, 40. We called and there was no response. We thought of everything about why she didn´t show up yet. We said a prayer that she would come to church. Finally we jumped in the car to go get her. We went to her house clapping, calling her name, basically everything...we woke up all of her neighbors but nothing from her house. We returned to church with our heads hanging down. We said a prayer  that she would come to church even though the chances were slim.

Two minutes didn´t pass when she called us frantically saying  sorry. She was sick the night before and took a really strong pill that made her sleep really deeply. She got a ride to church with her Mom and strolled in right as sacrament meeting started. What a miracle.
  After church we were at a member house and she sent this text message

´´Elder Seth and Elder Rojas, Today I had one more sign that I am on the right path. I woke up late, and was feeling really sick, but I got up with the purpose to go to church. Arriving there, I found you guys in that place of peace, I realized that there isn´t a pain in the world that would stop me from going to the house of the Lord. I thank you one more time for visiting my home and teaching me about these things, That I know with certainty is true and pure. I am immensely happy to be a part of this church. I hope you have a great Sunday and I can´t wait to see you guys on Wednesday.´´

To start off I didn´t make this up. this was exactly what she sent to us,cray right. This is why I´m here. to help people change there lives for the better. With all the people who shut the door in our faces or people that mock us. Miracles make it all worth it in the long run.

I´m loving my mission and I love the spirit I feel. Hard work is always rewarded in the end. I know these things that i´m sharing are ´´true and pure´´ and during these 2 years there in no other place I would rather be.

 Thank you for the support and love.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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