Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

‎Waiting for that October rain

Sorry for last weeks email, we didn´t have time to write but it all good because I will write alittle more this week.
 To start off it´s getting super hot here. The fan we have just blows hot air at night so at times we sleep on the cold tile floor to give us some relief.
  The work is picking up here in Aguas Claras. We went to the cartório and put in the papers for Sandra and Julio. 27th of Nov they will be married and the family of 3 will be baptized on the 28th. We are really excited for them and we can´t wait till they are married it´s going to be such a special event.
   One of the many miracles we had this week was when we were lost in a part of the city that we have never been. We asked a family that was sitting on the street and they told us where our destination was. As we were leaving a young girl said that she knew are church. As we started to talk alittle bit more we discovered that they had alot of interest in the church but the missionaries that were teaching them were transferred. They lost contact and that was the end of the story, until we found them. Sandra(mother) has a serious problem with smoking. In 15 mins she smoked 6 cigarettes. We are going to keep working with her. Her son already has a baptismal date and will be baptized in 2 weeks(31 de Oct) It was amazing how the Lord put them in our path. We were lost in the middle of no where and the Lord showed us the way.
   We have marked 2 other marriages but they are wanting to get married in Dec. We are excited and we are going to keep preparing them to get baptized. I love this area so much because we are finding alot of families that are reading the stuff we are leaving with them and going to church. I know that because of this these families will be blessed.
  This week we planned on bringing 20 investigators to church. It was set in stone, rock solid. On Sunday we were sad because only 11 went because of the day light savings time chaange. Half of the ward showed up late or didn´t even go. Luckily we have next week to get at it. I´m loving every second here on the mission, my comp is awesome. We play around alot but we are working like dogs. The time is passing so fast. We have 6 weeks together but it feels like I got here yesterday.
  Elder Xavier is going home this week sadly. His mission finishes on Friday. We played soccer today for the last together. I´m going to miss him alot because he truly was a great friend and example. The mission will miss his presence as one of the best assistants to the President ever.The good news is, is family is coming to visit his areas with him and....I´m going to be able to meet his family and eat lunch with them!  I will be at his wedding when I finish my mission.
  Happy Birthday Dad. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family. I know that I am who I am because of the way you taught me. You are a true role model to me in someone who is humble and caring. I know that because of your example my life is better and happier than it would be without you. Although you never played basketball with me again because you are scared to lose you have always been a loving Father. I can´t wait to have my kids and treat my kids the way you always treated me.
I just have time for this but thanks everyone! time flys to live it up and be productive.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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