Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 26, 2015

We had transfers this week and President made some inspired transfers. I super excited for the new missionaries in the zone and I can´t wait to see the results. I stayed in the area with Elder Montes and we are filled with excitement for this transfer. We can´t wait to see more miracles and to find more people to teach.
  Looking back on this week, it passed really fast because we are super busy and we are having alot of spiritual experiences. I´m loving it.
  This week we visited Victoria and it was amazing. She said that she read the Book of Mormon and prayed. That night she woke up at 2 in the morning and said she had one of the greatest feelings she has ever had. She took it as an answer from God that these things are true. She came up to us on Sunday between classes and said ´´It´s descided´´ We asked what was decided and she said ´´my baptism date on the first of November´´ We were so happy when she said this; Not only that she had received a answer from God but that she is acting on the answer. She is showing her faith in these things and putting them in to practice. We are getting her ready for this Sunday.
  A few weeks ago we stopped at a churro stand to get a churro filled with doce de leite to reward ourselves after a great lesson.(at times you have to put the cherry on top) As we were leaving the owner asked us a quick question and we suddenly realized that she had alot of interest in our message. We left a pamphlet with her that had our number on the back. She didn´t give us her address because she was moving that week but we got her number. Three  weeks passed and Elder Montes felt inspired to call her. She said that she was thinking alot about us and lost the pamphlet in the move. We ran over there and left a message with her. Rose(her name) is 21 and has a 3 year old child(João). To make a long story short we invited her to church this passed Sunday. They showed up and she brought her friend. they loved it, they said ´´finally a church that didn´t ask for money and didn´t scream in our faces.´´ We visited them that same night and introduced the Book of Mormon. and we confirmed the baptized for the 15 of Nov!!! I´m so grateful for the spirit and how he lead us in our work.
  The Family that we baptized 2 weeks ago is progressing so much. They received the Aronic Priesthood last Sunday. The sons are blessing and passing the sacrament now. Also the Dad is getting the Melchizedek priesthood at the up coming stake conference.
  Things are starting to pick up. This Sunday we had 13 investigators in church. It was crazy for us, running to everyone and explaining everything. I love the feeling of being so busy that I forget about my personal needs. Hungry, thirst, home sick, ect. It is just a race to do more and more each day.
  The mission is awesome. At times I feels different  that I don´t miss home more,  but I know that that Lord is doing this so that I can put heart and soul in this work. Everyday is a better day.
Don´t have a lot more to say but that the sky is blue and the church is true. até a semana que vem gente. de mais
Com Amor,
Elder Seth 

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