Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 5, 2015

This week was a blast. Running place to place, having to do splits with the members to visit all of investigators. The rushed life, is the real life. I´m loving every second of it.

 To start off the family of Anderson will finally legalize there marriage on the 8th! We are so proud and excited for them. They are so ready to be baptized on the 10th! They have already invited all of there relatives and friends to watch there baptism, it will be a great time to show the outside world how special the church is. They also moved in to there sweet new apartment and after they took us to a sweet restaurant where we ate a lot of Picanha. They are going to help the Church so much with there love to serve others.

  We marked a baptismal date with the Family of Vitor and Lorenna for the 7th of November! Lets see if there already married. The next visit we will give the low down on Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. I hope they will leave these things behind because of their desire to be a happier family. We are praying alot for them.

  Sandra and Julio are going to do there paper work for their wedding on the 8th! We are finish a marriage on the 8th and starting a new one. I´m so excited because Sandra said´´I´m tired of wasting time, I just want to get baptized´´. I can´t wait to see there family of 4 get baptized. The ward is helping so much in making them feel apart of the family. They are just having a few struggles with money but nothing the Lord can´t solve!

 Conference was amazing, I loving hearing the words of the prophets that are called to give us personal guidance. I felt inspired many times about things that will help me be a better person. I´m downloading the talks right now so that I can listen to them over and over again, so that I can remember and apply these things in my life.

 We are super happy and we are visiting less active and reactivating them. We visited a family who hasn´t go to church in a really long time(15 years). She is married and has 5 kids, no one was baptized yet. We are working a lot with them and they went to conference this week! I´ll keep you guys posted.

Times out but the fun keeps going. Thank you for the emails everyone. I´m sorry I haven't sent pictures, my memory card is being fixed  by a member. Next week I´ll send them.

Love you guys!

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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