Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

To start off the entire zone had a great week. We had to give everyone a wake up call on Tuesday and everyone put the gas in the tank and flew. I was super shocked and happy with the work of the zone. Everyone put everything they had and the Lord was able to bless us. 

   So Larissa(a investigator) went on the stake camping trip and loved it. I was nervous that something would happen or she wouldn´t like it. But instead she loved every second of it. She was called to be a leader of some of the younger girls and was already looking like a member. She was announcing her baptism to everyone at the camping trip. When she got home she was super excited and happy. 
   With this in mind we went to work on her little sister Lais. Lais wasn´t exactly sure if she wanted to be baptized with her sister or wait more time. Knowing that it would be a special experience for her to be baptized with her sister we talked with her about the importance of being baptized. She is one of the smartest 10 years I´v ever met. (she wants to be a scientist). During the lesson she  sat there thinking about what we had said. Finally she said "Well makes sense, the answer is that I have to be baptized."

  The baptism was really special. Their family went and loved every second of it. We are going to start working with their parents and do there marriage! They were true elects. 

  This morning on P-Day we went to the Cartório to put the papers in for another marriage. The wedding of Fabiana and Rubens. I´v already done 8 weddings on the mission and every time the husband is so nervous. The wife is always super excited and dying to finalize the marriage. I wonder how it will be in my situation;)

They will be married on the 3rd of March and baptized on the 6th. Everyone is excited for these dates. (Family of 4)
 Simply I´m great. Love rice and beans, the random rain storms and the people. The mission is a once in a life time opportunity. I´m trying to live it up and succeed in my purpose as a missionary. Life is sweet unto us, as long as you look on the bright side and count your blessings. 

   I´m on the fourth quarter right now people. If there is one thing that has stuck to me after all the sports I´v played, it´s that fourth quarter is when you put the pedal to the metal.

Com Amor,

Elder Seth

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