Monday, February 1, 2016

Feb 1, 2016

    The Lord was present this week and he led the work that we did. To start off we had 2 baptism. I Don´t really know how but God finds a way. Showing up in the area 2 weeks ago, we knew nothing and no one. We prayed asking for help that we could find the elects. Through the miracles I saw my testimony was strengthen. 
   I having little time because we have to run the a family night with a golden family that we are teaching, so forgive me for it being brief. 
   So we had been teach Richard who is one of the smarted kids I know. He has been taught for 8 different missionary. He brother was baptized but he was a strong member in the church that he was at. We invited him to ask God after a powerful message. That night his brother called us and said that he want the be baptized. The next day he Mom stopped us on the street and said "How did you two manage to convince my Son to leave his church and get baptized in your Church in one week? Its been 8 months that the missionary are trying.'' My comp and I just smiled and said ''We didn´t do anything, it was the Holy Ghost that told him. And its not our church it the Church of Jesus Christ.''
  After Richard received his answer he was determined to follow his answer. The Pastor went to his house for hours to convince him to not get baptized. But we were super proud of him, he bore his testimony at his baptism. He is going to do great thing and help alot of people, he has many talents.
   Then on Sunday Victoria was baptized. It was great, there were a lot of people that stayed after the meets to watch. Including the 9 investigators we took to church on Sunday. They were all amazing at the baptism and a few asked what they had to do to be baptized. The ward it starting to get excited and starting to understand our purpose here. They were all offering help after the baptism and giving us references. 

Its a good start here in Santa Maria. I´m so grateful for the chance the Lord gave me to be a tool in he hands. I love seeing people when they are feeling the Holy Ghost. It gives me more motivation to keep going so that everyone can feel it. 

Love my mission, my comp is great and my President is amazing. My only problem is that time is passing by to fast.

Com Amor, 

Elder Seth

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