Friday, March 18, 2016

March 11, 2016

 Hey Everyone!
  This week was crazy! The routine in my new area is so different, so I´m still getting use to it. For example we had a day full of visits but we had to cancel the visits because sadly a sister was going home early. we had to pick here up, take here to her interview with the president and then drop her off at the airport. And after all that was said and done it was 10Pm. So at times it´s difficult to leave teaching people but I understand that we have to help them missionaries in the way they need to be helped, even if it makes our situation difficult. 
   Our mission has a couple missionary, They are giving English classes ever Saturday morning. The class is starting to get serious. They started with 2 and now have 30 students. This is one of the best way to get people to teach. Since the area is a rich area it´s hard to talk with people on the street or knocking doors. But this English class is helping us alot get new people to teach. We have already marked 3 baptismal dates with the students of this English class! Every week there are more and more people so we are super excited!
 Miracle of the week was after the English class. We were leaving to go to lunch and I felt that we had to sit down at a park bench. I don´t know why. As everyone know at home and on the mission I can´t stand staying still, but we sat down. We waited 15 minutes and a woman came up to us and started to talk with us. She said "Elders! So happy I found you. I´m from another state and I was receiving the lessons from other missionaries. I had to move because of my work and I wasn´t able to be baptized. I´v been looking for the church but I haven´t been able to find it for 2 months!" When this happened my jaw almost fell to the floor. What a miracle. We got her address and marked a visit with her. We are really exited to visit her and help her gain a testimony of this gospel. 
   Well there is a lot more amazing things that happened this week but i´m short on time. Thank you everyone for your support and love. I know that this mission that I´m serving moved me to be a better person. I don´t think alot about home but I´m anxious to used the things I learned to be a better person when I return!
Até semana que vem!

Com Amor,

Elder Seth

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