Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

The days pass like minutes and the week pass like seconds around here. I can´t believe it´s Monday again. Things are getting really busy here.

    We were in a meeting with President when we heard the news of the bombing in Europe. After we discovered that one of the missionaries was from Santa Clara Utah. Elder Patterson(my comp in the CTM and one of my best friends on the mission) friend was one of the 3 missionaries, they are friend since birth. It was really hard on Elder Patterson because as missionaries we don´t get updates until Monday. Pray for these Elders and everyone that is suffering.
  Sadly the baptisms of Daniel and Giselle didn´t happen. She is a leader in her church and one night her buddies all went over there and convinced her out of it. She sent a message to us that said" I know that your church is the true church on the earth but I have greater calling and and God is calling me" This was some hard news for me to take because God gave her varies answer about the church. I just hope and pray that she will understand one day. 
  On the bright side Edna was baptized this week. She was super ready and prepared by the lord. She is a great example to the rest of her family and we are wanting to baptized her parents. We just need to the help them understand the importance of make covenant's with God. I have faith that with alittle time they well get baptized also. 
   There is an area in the mission that doesn´t have missionaries right now because it´s dangerous and a few elders got beat up.(Aguas Lindas) But the members there were still working and they taught a few people to the point that they had desire to get baptized. President called us up and we hoped on the bus for 2 hours to interview these people. It was a really great experience to see how the Lords elects are still being found. It was truly privilege to interview them. 
  The transfers are already coming up so we are up to our ears in planning how it is going to be, buy bus passes, ect. The busy life is the best life! Loving my mission!
Can´t believe that Hannah is in the mission field now! Good luck Sis, make us proud. Katie and Justin, keep rocking it. You guys are great!

-Elder Seth

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