Monday, June 13, 2016

June 6, 2016

Hello everyone, 
  this week was great. I can´t believe I´m here again writing my weekly report. As time has flown by here on the mission I´ve learned about the importance of making every second count. I´ve learned to be more efficient with my time. Whether it is shaving or ironing my shirt fast; or how to teach someone more directly and not beat around the bush. Something I learned is to go all in, put all my mind into that thing I am doing. For example if I´m going to go to church, I´m going to listen to every word and try to learn something new to apply in my life. I know that our time here on earth is precious and super valuable. Especially because this isn´t my time it is the Lords time. I´m excited to apply this and cut the things that I use to do that had no return. 

  Well Elder Patterson is one of the new Secretaries! He was my comp in the CTM. We made a prophecy that we would end our missions together and now it has came to pass. I´m proud of him and excited to work close to him to keep this mission running.
Other news was that Giovanna was baptized! She is a 12 year old girl who is a friend of our recent convert. She was really really excited for her baptism. The sad part is that she doesn´t receive a  lot of support from her family. She doesn´t know her Dad and her Mom has an alcohol addiction. Her Mother went to church at 8:30 and loved it. Then when the baptism came around she didn´t go because she was drinking. Very sad to say the least, well keep working with her.

  One of the greatest experiences that I have had on my mission was participating in a baptism of a 92 year old woman. We had to have 3 missionaries enter in the water to baptize her. She was going to get baptized next week but she was scared she would´n´t live until next week and wanted to be baptized that Saturday. It was a tender moment for me because the gospel is for everyone. Doesn´t matter where your from or your age the gospel moves the lives of people who accept it. We are so proud that she made this major choice!

This week is going to be crazy! we are going to visit all the zones and do interviews. Its going to be tiring but without a doubt will help motivate the missionaries to work harder. Interviews always made a big difference for me and gave me exactly what I needed.

Keep up everyone! Love and miss everyone!

Com Amor, 
Elder Seth

P.S our english class is growing so fast! We have 33 students in 3 weeks! We are already teach half of them!

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