Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 31, 2016

Hello everyone!

So this week we had mission counsel. We were able to give a training with President to all the zone leaders. It was really spiritual and really productive. We covered a bunch of subjects that our mission is really needing to improve even more. we talked about a powerful invite, reactivating, using the Book of Mormon, obedience, how to find elects and a few other things. I know that it will help out out mission if everyone gets on board and applies these things. I felt the spirit really strong and can testify the Holy Ghost was present.

On Monday we had the special lunch at Presidents house for the best pair of missionaries in each zone! It was great and everyone is getting super excited to work harder.

So Maxwell was confirmed this Sunday! also we are teaching his family and all of this friends on the street! Hopefully we can get some more young men in the ward quickly.

I would like to talk a little bout Cida, The mother of our first baptism in Guará. Throughout this month we have been teaching Cida and trying to help her quit smoking. She has been smoking since she was 7 years old! She has been smoking for over 30 years as well! Smoking as always been a way that she calmed down. When we starting teach her she was already down from 3 packs to 1 pack of cigarettes a day. But she couldn´t find a way to get any lower than that. So we taught her the importance of the word of wisdom and the blessings that she would receive.

 We made a plan of action to help her quit 3 weeks ago. We told her we would return the next day at 9 in the morning and that she couldn´t eat breakfast. We got there and brewed up some cigarette tea. Which is when your boil what and you put the tobacco part of the cigarette in the water to make tea.(one of the worst tasting and worst smelling things known to man). We poured her a cup and told her she had to drink it all down at one time. She did that and looked around as if nothing happened, but within 30 second she went running to the bathroom.

After she had finish throwing up she couldn´t even look at a cigarette. we gave her a blessing of comfort and told her when she was tempted to smoke that she need to pray and ask the Lord for help, if she still had desire, call us. After three weeks she final has stopped smoking!!! This was a special experience for me because it really showed me how if someone has desire to do what's right and looks for the help of the Lord we can conquer what kind of challenges we have. So grateful for the chance I had to see the faith of Irmã Cida winning over her addiction. Now we are going to get her married and baptized!

Anyways were working hard and super busy! Next week we are going to travel around the mission to do interviews with all the missionaries!!

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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