Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Sadly we haven´t left for the new area yet. There was problem with the contract of the house so we are leaving this Thursdays. I'm not going to lie I was a little mad because its less days that we can be working. I'm getting really antsy because this isn't our area so there isn't a lot to do. We mostly study and do street contacts. But its really fun living in a apartment with eight missionaries. We made the brownies that dad sent down and we ate it with a brigadeiro fudge with ice cream, that was amazing.
   For Halloween we made home made chocolate chip cookies and we throw in some M&M in there to spice things up with a little color.

   I'm finally with my comp that I will have in my new area. He was a assist to the President but I was able to find out for my self this week that he is a great missionary. First off he got baptized and his family disowned him. They kicked him out of the house. Then one year later after his baptism he sold everything he had to serve a mission. He hasn´t received a single package, letter or email for his family. That would be so hard to do. He is super funny and loves to cook, and he is good at it. And he knows the gospel really really well.
    This will be his 3 Christmas on the mission because president asked him to extend to open up this new area. Now that is some serious sacrifice. I already promised him that is with be is favorite Christmas on the mission that he will ever have. I'm truly blessed to have him as my comp, I already have learned so much from him and I know I going to learn a lot more.
    There's 4 missionaries going up to open this new area. And guess what my Comp in the CTM is one of them!!!!!!! I'm so excited because he is literally the best.
Well I can´t wait until next week. I hope everyone had a great Halloween.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth


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