Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

This week literally flew by. Time flies when you working. Just got done with playing soccer with the zone. Man I'm bad, but I definitely saw an improvement. Good thing I have two years here.
I went to another wedding. 2 weddings in 3 weeks, that must be a record. The people getting married were baptized this Sunday. It was really amazing to see how people change there life styles completely to be in harmony with Gods commandments. Getting married, not drinking alcohol, coffee, etc. I really admire that sacrifice converts make.
One of the funniest things I see around Brazil is how they sing American music. There favorite is Bruno Mars. I cant stop laughing at how they sing with the funniest accents. But the best part is they have no idea what the lyrics mean.
A huge struggle I have is soda. Soda to me is death in a bottle. It just so happens that people serve it at every meal. I swear they have Coke and Guaranã running through there blood streams. At first I just drake it but now I ask for water. I'm going to see how far I can last, its been 5 days.
My funny experience of the week was that we were teaching this lady and her daughter. I look outside and see some guy with a bottle, spraying some stuff. All the sudden 50 cockroach's come running in to the house under the door. My companion and I jumped up and just start stomping on them. These things were huge, the size of a human thumb. Took us 15 mins to eventually clean them out. Lets just say it cut the lesson short.
There is this family that is inactive in the Church. They have 8 kids! all under the age of 15, can you image that. This family has very little money, very little. The Dad can't go church because he has to work like a dog to provide for his family. The worst part of all is the Mom wants to just walk away from the family and start over. We went over there yesterday and the house was at the worst state I've ever seen, clearly a mom hasn't been there. It really hurts me to see this family suffer. One of the children always snuggles up to my arm and smiles at me. As a district were planning on going over there and cleaning out the house, and other solutions to help. We are here to serve and help.
We have made some good progress in reactivating members. First week we had 78 people at church, 2nd week 94, and 3rd 130. Put in the work and you see miracles happen. I may not understand everyone when they talk but I can understand what they are feeling. Work here isn't easy, its tiring. But,
"it hurts so good". There is no better satisfaction than laying on your bed dead tired. There is so much work to been done here.

Hope all is well. Brazil isn't getting any colder unfortunately.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

Also we have a new address for mail.

Elder Seth
AOS 5/6 Bloco A
Bairro Octogonal

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