Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hey Everyone,

This week was really great. When it first started I was thinking it was going to be super hard because being in a tri-o can be the worst. The 3 of us had so much to do! But is was actually great.

 First off being in a lesson with 2 different missionaries you get to learn what there teaching method is. I learn alot from Elder Sanchez and Lenon. It was really cool because we all study from the same stuff but everyone has a different way of thinking. I was able to learn from there interpretations and apply it to improve how I teach. Through experience is the best way to learn.

 Another great thing is we were extremely busy because we had there investigators and all of mine. There was no way we could possibly help all of them if we stuck together. So I did alot of divisions with members. I tried to do divisions with less active members to get them involved in the church and feel the spirit. I really had to step up because I didn´t have super man(Elder Sales) there to do everything I couldn´t. Having a less active with me a few times I had to pretty much do most of the teaching. Something iv never really done before on the mission. Usually I do 50% with the other comps but it was a great experience. It really helped me gain some confidence because earlier I was struggling with the language and thinking I couldn´t do it alone. Anything is possible, taking the first step is the hardness part.

 This week my testimony of sacrifice has really grown. Doing what ever you can. Doing a act of kindness for your comp, fasting for an investigator, basically serving others. Its weird because you just feel better when your thinking of others. You feel happier, the days past like lightning, and you see the fruits of you labors. Its crazy that it took me this long in my life to finally learn this! Not only do the people your serving have a better life but God blesses you personally.

Lastly this Sunday the other 2 Elders had baptisms!! They had been teaching this family for 4 months! 4 months is a very long time for an Elder to hang around with a group of people. Usually we teaching for a short amount of time and if the aren´t progressing(reading scriptures, going to church, praying) we stop visiting them. We can´t afford to teach people not doing the things we ask because we have tons of other people ready for our message that will do what we ask. But they felt something special and they listened to the Spirit and they finally got baptized. Shows how the Holy Ghost will never lead you astray.

 My New comp is coming up tomorrow, and its Elder Labrada!!!!! This kid is a stud I can promise you guys you will hear alot able him for the next few months. Im excited. Nós vamos trabalhar até o pó.

Brasil is the place to be. Im loving to. Working non stop all day without receiving a dime is the best thing ever. This chance to serve to Lord for 2 year is awesome. 2 years is a small sacrifice for My God.

Sorry Im not sending everyone a lot of emails, time is short but I pray for you guys every night!!!

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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