Monday, January 26, 2015

January 19, 2015

Well this week was way different for me. I was super excited for my new Comp to arrive up here in my area. (Elder Labrada, he is a stud. I have already done some splits and I know hes a great missionary. He the new zone leader in Palmas, and we literally are the same person but we grew up on opposite coasts) Anyways I was super excited because I love this Elder and I know that were going to work até o pó. But.... on the 12 hour bus ride he had gotten super sick. The first day we stay in the house and he slept, sitting up was hard for him. Things didn´t get better so the next 2 days we were at the hospital and there were doing a bunch of tests.

   It took them a while to figure out what was wrong with him. But finally they said it was a form of Pneumonia. I remember when I wrote that being sick on the mission was one of the worst thing, that was a lie. Its worst when you Comp is sick because he is suffering and there is nothing you can really do the help him. On top of that, it was his Birthday this past Saturday. Wasn´t much I could do because I had to stay with him the entire week and he couldn´t leave to house. Luckily the other dupla was able to buy me supplies to bake him a cake.

 Saying this week was easy would be a lie. It was hard for me because I have a bunch of Investigators that I wasn´t able to visit for an entire week! I was constantly thinking of them and worried because without teaching them they wont gain a testimony. Also looking out the windows and seeing the people walking around killed me because I know that I could be taking to them, marking visits, and sharing the gospel. Having hard core ADD didn´t help the situation.

Then I realized that this was actually a blessing in disguise. I was giving this chance by God to stay in the house all day to use this time effectively. I could chose to sit there feeling bad or get to work and expand my knowledge of the Gospel. For the past few day was I studying for 12 hours non stop. Book of Mormon, Bible, Language,  planning for my investigators, ect. It was weird, usually when I would study for test back in High school 2 hours and I was done. But here on the mission I didn´t bored or restless at all. I think its because I'm not doing to get a better grade. I doing it because I want to become more informed so that I can be a better teacher to bring people unto Christ.

 Its crazy how the mission can changed you weaknesses into strengths. Ill though I wasn´t able to see many miracles in other people live this week, I was able to see miracle in my life personally.

 One of the most Spiritual experience I have had on the mission was this past Sunday. I was asked by Victoria(who was baptized last week) to give her the Holy Ghost. Wow, it was a life changing experience to give someone the Holy Ghost and to confirm them a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ, the Church that has the restored Gospel and has a Prophet today.

  The changes I've had here on mission are all changes that will make me a better person, husband, dad, brother, co-worker ect. I can feel the changes in my life because of this Gospel. I'm so grateful for the chance to use 2 years to do the work of the Lord. When we have righteous desires God WILL bless us, its a written promise in the scriptures. I hope we can all stop to think, Is what I'm doing really going to benefit me and my family down the road?

I can´t wait to get back on the street teaching next week!

Love you guys, hope all is well

Com Amor,

Elder Seth

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