Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015- Ano Novo!


This week passed as fast as lightning, and it was a little bit frightening. Im sitting here on the computer and have no idea what happened this week because it came and left like a blink of an eye. As many of you know Elder Sales is leaving today and it is really a bitter sweet feeling. Sure he has  to get his life going but being alittle bit selfish I want him to stay.
   There are many things that I will miss of him. Always laughing, eating strange foods, talking about life, picking random fruits of the trees and eating them, teaching, this list could go on for ever but I think the thing that I will miss the most about Elder Sales is the example he was from me. The last week we had together says it all. Usually when a missionary is about to go home they take the foot off the gas, only talk about what they are going to do when they get home and stay in members house until the week expires. Lets just say none of this happened for a moment this week with my Comp. We worked hard everyday, every hour, very minute. And guess what? Like everything else in this world it paid off.
   Half of the ward was gone this Sunday because they were on the temple trip. The missionaries had brought more investigators and less active members than actually member. By far this pass Sunday was the best Sunday on my Mission. Its another one of those moments that you can describe with words.Just seeing the smirk on Elder Sales face. Seeing how the gospel has changed so many peoples lives. That what Im doing here really does have a purpose. That feeling is one I hope to have many more time on my mission.
   I really want to write more but don´t remember anything. One of our investigators name is Hannah(Shout out to my sister). This Sunday she showed up to church before everyone. Asked alot of really great questions during the class part of church, said the closing prayer and promised me next fast Sunday she would bear her testimony. Ela é só electo.

Eu não sei como fazer todas as coisas, Mas eu sei oque eu preciso fazer. Meu futuro está em minhas mãos. (I don' t know how to do everything, but I know that what I need to do is in my hands)

Hope every had a great Christmas and New Years break.

Elder Seth

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