Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Oi Familia,

Alot of things happened this week and it was awesome. First off we flew down to Brasilia for an amazing training that President gave. It was exactly what I need to hear. He talked about how we should not only be trying to find people to baptize, but to make the members more strong in the church. I'm so glad he talked about this because I always had this mind set that teaching member was always a fall back but now it´s one of the 3 priorities that we have as a mission.
1)Strengthen Members
2)Reactivate less actives
3) Baptize
I was so grateful for the chance to listen and participate in the Mission Conference, I was able to meet and learn for the best missionary on the mission. I learn so many things that I have already applied in my life being a missionary. Its only been 5 days but I've already seen a huge difference.

When we got back to Palmas we had a really spiritual  Zone Meeting. Some of the people were crying(Sisters). Everyone felt that the training was exactly what they need to hear to help them better themselves. I'm so grateful for the Zone because we don´t deal with any problems of disobedience, lack of working hard, or  people with big egos. A majority of the zone is people that are young and willing to change what ever to be better. They truly have a desire to bring people unto Cristo. I couldn´t ask for anything more than this.

I did a trade this week with Elder Thomas and Elder Ramos. These Elders are awesome. I got to spend a full day working hard with them. I loved it because I got to learn how they work and see what things I can improve on and they were able to do the same. Elder Ramos is from Africa and he is the first African to serve a mission in the mission Brasilia, Brasil. Elder Thomas left the church  when he was younger but he turned his life around and he is now here in Brasil serving the Lord. (photo of us eating A├žai after a hard days work)

My comp and I were really worried about our investigators because we were in Brasilia for 3 days and we did a trade. We only had 2 days to rally everyone to go to church. deifying the odds 8 of our investigators showed up! I was shocked when I saw them enter into the church. I know that God is looking out for me because this was exactly what I need at that moment.

To put the cherry on top Diogo got baptized! It was a spiritual experience to say the least. Saturday night He said to me ´´You better be there tomorrow to baptize me, you can´t let me down.´´ There was not a chance I would let him down. The best part of all was that his Mom showed up even after she said she couldn´t. I know Diogo we be a great missionary. He already know so much, its crazy.

This week was great, I really don´t know how to describe it is words((especially English) But I'm loving it here in Brasil. I know I'm having a huge change in my life. these changes would not have happened any other place in the world! I hope everyone is doing good. I can´t believe Vanessa is going hope is 3 weeks! Time fly when your working hard

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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