Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

‎Oi Familia,

     This week was a lot more tiring to say the least, but when it was all said and done it was so worth it.
   We are teach this girl named Lidya, she is super smart. she's  able to read what ever scripture and tell us exactly what it meant. She is read the book of Mormon a lot. The best part about it is she said that she know that is true because she prayed and recieve an answer! When someone says this a missionary just wants to jump for joy. She love going to our church because ´´its different in a good way´´. She went to the stake dance. She is literally the perfect investigator. There is just a tiny little problem.Her Dad is a Pastor. Yep the sad truth. Liyda doesn´t live him but she has to have his approval to be baptized. She is really scared to ask him but she told us she has courage to call him Sunday night. Were all praying that it goes well!
  We are also teaching a family right now. The Dad(Luis) is the person would told us not to waste our time on him. We were doing a family night at there house and watch the Joseph Smith film. when it ended he bore his testimony that to go through that sacrifice the Joseph did, he couldn´t be a liar. He also said during the film he just wanted to the pick up his book of Mormon and start reading. The sad part is his daughter is starting to avoid us because she doesn´t what to live the commandments  of the church. Its sad because she know its true but she can´t put aside things of the world.
   For the Zone this week was fantastic. Everyone worked like dogs and it showed with the numbers they had. We started to do daily challenges to get everyone excited for the week. Some of them are serious like teach 8 lesson or mark 2 baptism dates. Other are to make them laugh and have fun. For example they have to switch there name tags during a lesson without letting anyone know. This makes is so they work hard and also have a smile on there face. Also we like to call every companionship and also talk to them and there comps so that they know that we appreciate there work. Elder Labrada and I are trying to do things that we felt that our Zone Leaders never did for us.
   Yesterday day we were running around scheduling stuff because sadly one of the missionaries in our Zone had to go  home because of a tooth infection. Hopefully he can get that surgery done and get back here in 2 months because I love that missionary, great example and hard worker.
  Were leaving today to Brasilia for Conselhoda Missão. I can´t wait because were going to be able to receive some advice and training from Presidente da Missão.

Thank you everyone for the emails! sorry if I don´t have time to respond, but I really appreciate it. Hope everyone is doing great. Loving it here in Brasil. Its starting to get hotter and hotter but life is life.
Love this quote, helps me keep going even when I have times that nothing is going right.

 Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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