Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015-

Well,  I know you guys have already heard me say that this was the best week on the mission. But this past week really was the best week on the mission.

 First off my Comps name is Elder Xavier, a  Stud. He is from Rio Grande Do Sul. Super smart, teaches really well, kind, ect ect. He looks more American than me because his skin is white and has blue eyes. The best part is he is really patience and is really helping me with the language. He has been a ZL for 9 months now( His going to be an Assistant to the President without a doubt)

 About the new ward I'm serving,  its the dream ward to say the least. Everyone is begging to do visits with us, giving so many references that we don´t have time to even contact them in 24 hours. And there is actually a chapel.

   One of the biggest miracle I have ever seen happened this past week. We were teaching a lesson to 2 people that were pretty old and clearly wanted nothing to do with us. As we were starting to leave their grand child entered the house and said to us ´´Wait I have a few questions, if you guys are willing to talk for a little bit.´´ My Comp and I looked at each other and our eye lit up. We explained what we do as missionaries, why we are here. We only explained  the basics because we were already late for another appointment. But we marked a visit and told her if she had more question she should write them down.

 The next day when we visited  her with 2 members of the Ward, she had typed list of 20 questions about the church. The lesson was so spiritual that everyone was crying. She said that she has been looking for the right church her entire life and she never felt that is was right. I was so grateful to be there at that moment because I was able to see how the Spirit works on people. Then at the end of the lesson we asked her if she would follow that example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. She accept and the day we picked end up being the same day as her birthday!!!

 But wait there is  more...we gave her a Book of Mormon Friday to ready a chapter. When we talked to her on Sunday she was already in Alma. She said that on Friday after we left she stayed up all night reading and she understood everything.

I know that is Gospel is true and that it changes life's, families, and the world for the better. Í also know that everything happens for a reason. I was thinking what if we would have left the house of her Grandma 5 minutes earlier. My testomony has grown, that if we are truly trying to do everything right for the right reasons the Lord will bless us.

This was just on of the many miracles I saw this week. I know that this work is amazing. My comp said something to me that I will never forget.  `Being here right now isn´t even a sacrifice for me, it´s a blessing´´  I reflected alot about what he said. And it is true, this isn´t a sacrifice if you really working with all your heart, might, mind and strength. I know that is work is amazing. I get scared when I think that time is pass to fast that I can´t even enjoy it.

 Love you guys and I pray for you guys alot!!!

Com Amor,
Elder Seth



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