Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015


Loving every second here in Gama.

We had 2 baptisms!!! This people that were baptized really changed there lives for the better.

    To start out was Nina. She is 17 years old and she was really difficult at first. We told her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to ask God if it is true. She recieve an answer to say the least. She had a nose ring, refused to stop drinking coffee and didn´t even know if God existed. But little by little the Lord worked on her. One day we should up and she took out the nose ring. The next visit she said that she would never drink coffee again. Then we marked a date for her to be baptized on the 25th. But she changed her mind and didn´t want to wait anymore. So she was baptized this Saturday!!! She is a living example of how the Lord, through that spirit can really change people for the better! She is the first one in her family. Her family is next.

   Vanda, 26 years old was also baptized this week. She was also a miracle. She is a friend of a less active member. She made a few mistakes in her younger years that she really regretted doing. She wanted to change her life for the better. It was really weird how fast she changed. When she told us of all her problems and difficulties we though it would take a while for her to stop breaking the commanents. But it all worked out. She stopped everyone the day we told her it was wrong. we were so proud of her will to follow God. She left her old life so that she could have a new life with high standards. After she was baptized she couldn´t stop crying.

Thainá (Granddaughter) the elect is progress so much. She is reading the Book of Mormon, going to church along, and loving it! This Sunday she was in alot of pain and she still manged to go to Church for the 3 hours. She told us after that she went to the hospital and she had 15 tiny kidney stones! I have so much respect for her and her desire to follow Christ. It makes me think back to the times when I was sick or tired because of a Red eye flight that I didn´t go to the church.I learned that going to church is essential. It´s where we can give and receive support and most importantly take the sacrament. She already told us that she will serve a mission! We are really excited for her baptism on her birthday on the 28!

We are starting up a English Class in the church this week. We made some handouts and it caught fire. Everyone is calling us, confirming that we doing it. It´s going to be a great way to find the Lords elects!

So grateful for the experience I´m having here!!! My comp is the best and is helping me so much. I know why I'm here because I have a task to for fill. To bring the restored gospel to as many people as possible through the ordnance of a valid baptism. There is just so much to take about but such little time! I love you guys and I pray for people at home everyday.

Hope your enjoy home Vanessa congrats on finishing your mission with  Honor!!!! But I'm still living the dream down here in Brasil hehehe

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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