Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

This week was great but difficult.

This week we were working really hard to find the Lord's elects. At the start of the transfer Elder Xavier and I were making goals for this transfer. I told him that I wanted to find a family to baptize. He asked me how many people in this family, the number 5 popped in my head. We wrote the goal down and that was the end of it. This Wednesday we were walking to an appointment and this guy made contact with us. He asked about the English class that we are teaching. We kept talking until he invited us to make a visit at his house. The next day when we entered his house we found our family of 5. Elder Xavier and I were completely shocked. The miracle was finding this family because the Dad said it has been 10 years since he has gone to church. He said that he has been feeling that he life is needing God. It´s not going to be easy to baptize this family because they have some difficulties, but if there was one  thing I’ve learned on the mission, that nothing is impossible to change through Jesus Christ. I´ll keep you guys updated on them.

We are making some great progress with Sthela this week. She  has a baptism date for June 6th. We asked her ´´If someone were to ask you what church you apart of, which one would it be?´´ She said ´´Eu sou Mórmon´´(I am a Mormon). I felt butterfly in my stomach when she said that. She´s so ready, we are just clearing up some things. She is also starting to date the Bishops Son(shhh). Sadly she was all set to go to church but her Grandma got super sick and she went to the hospital because it was an emergency.

We also found Karol(17 years old) this week. she went to our English class, the Church dance and church this Sunday. She will be baptized June 6th also! It crazy how the Lord is putting so many people is our path that are ready for the gospel. This mission is so much easier when you are working by the spirit.

One of the most sad parts of the mission is when people know that is the true Church but they choose not to follow it because of the commandments. They think that commandments are restrictions and they can´t have fun. But really the commandments are here to help us have lasting happiness. Sure doing these things are fun in the moment, but in 1 year, 10 years, 50 years will it bring happiness? I´m so grateful for this gospel and the high standards that the Lord has given me. Here on the mission I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum, the blessings  and sadness of keeping and not keeping the commandments. This has strengthened  my desire to always stay strong, knowing that happiness comes from faithfulness.

Only have this for this week. I can´t believe that I’m going to be a lone ranger down here in the mission field. Lauren is going home in a week. Can´t wait to see Grandma and Grandpa this week!!!

Com Amor,
Elder Seth


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