Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

To start off ThainĂ¡ was baptized on Tuesday! It was such an amazing experience. She was baptized on her birthday and after she shared her testimony. Everyone's jaw dropped because of how strong her testimony is in such a short time. Let´s just say she is one of the best investigators I have ever seen or heard off. First off she stopped drink coffee like cold turkey. She cancelled all of her events that she had planned on Sunday to keep that Sabbath day Holy and she read the Book of Mormon in 10 days.

For the rest of the week she was doing visits with us. She wants us to teach her friends and family so that they have the same change of heart that she had.   She said without a doubt she will serve a mission. It all happened so fast I didn´t even have time to soak up all the experiences. We are so proud of her and we are graeful to God for putting her in our path.

For all the people that remember Nina that was baptized 2 weeks ago, she is progressing more that I could have ever imagined. When we were first teaching her she wasn´t able say a pray in front of 3 people because she was so nervous. This Sunday she got up and bore her testimony in front of 170 people! She talked about the huge change in her life and how she is so much more happier now. The last thing she said was that she will do everything the make sure that her family would be baptized.

Here on the mission I feel like a bug on the wall just watching all the miracles. As missionary we convince nobody. We are just here to find the Lord's Elects and present the gospel. The secret is the work that God does through the Holy Ghost. The mission is passing way to fast. This transfer with Elder Xavier will end in 1 week. It felt like yesterday that I left Palmas. I fell that changes in my heart and desires because of this time I'v spent here. Love every second here.

Next Sunday is Mothers Day hehe. We can talk better then!

Com Amor,
Elder‎ Seth 

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