Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 15, 2015

First off, Congrats Dad on TAP. You earned it. Also thank you everyone for the emails this week, I was really needing it even though this week flew by.

  Here on the mission my hate for Satan has risen. We found some really great people these past few weeks. We taught them for the first few times and they really felt the spirit. They were reading and asking questions. Elder Xavier and I were getting super excited with the progress that we were having. But... with the help of Satan they started to lose interesting for what ever reason. Friends didn´t approve, Mother heard something bad a able the church, ect. We were feeling really sad because we know of the truthfulness of this Gospel and the changes that they will have in there life if they applied it. Sadly we can´t force them to do anything. Just do our part of leaving our phone number and prayers. World keeps spinning.

 I´m short on this week so I´ll cut to the goods. We had the division of the stake and it was awesome. We heard some inspiring talks that really got me motivated to work harder. They also talked about keeping that Sabbath Day Holy. They said that we should do everything possible to take the sacrament every Sunday. Through this we can renew our convenient that we made when we were baptized. Also how God has given us everything in our lives. He asked that we use one day to worship him and leave behind the things of the world to spend time with our family. I loved ever second of it. I hopé I can share this powerful message with my investagators. I was able to see all the member from Jardim Ingá(my first area in Brasil) I love them so much.

This week fly by super fast and I´m not remembering anything that happened. I promise next week will be more detailed.

If the mission was easy and perfect everyone would do it. Loving my time here. At times I'm frustrated with the difficulties but after i´m always grateful for them and the things I learned. In life we work hard to earn a good life. But the things we learned through that hard work is more valuable to us.
Love you guys. Pray often for your health, safe, and happiness.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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