Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015


  To start off this week was a blast. Loving my comp Elder Rojas. It´s he first time being Zone Leader  and he is super nervous and exited. It makes the best type of companion because they are willing to work hard and learn. It was awesome to talk about new ideas, what has worked in the pass and what we want for the future. Also getting to know someone new is always fun. The current questions about the other ones life or crazy story help makes our bond stronger.

  As a zone we are doing weekly goals to help get everyone motivate. This week was to find 15 new investigators. As leaders we can´t ask other people to do something if were not doing. So this week we focused on listening to the Holy Ghost and finding the Lords elects. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday was a disaster. It was as if nobody cared at all about what we had to say. It was difficult because we were really needing new people to teach. Then on Thursday it felt like everything went right. Every door we knock or every contact we did, it felt like the Lord put them in our path. They would say ´´Come in, I always wanted to hear what you had to say`` or ´´I was visiting your church where I lived and then I moved, I loved it there`` It was one of the most inspiring days here on the mission field. The Lord truly lifted us up that day and for the rest of the week.

 We are starting to visit less actives that have fallen away from the Church. We know that they have a testimony about these things but they have a problem. We are visiting this less actives to help them with these problems. As a result they are returning to church and they are bringing their wives, kids, ect who aren´t members yet. This way we can help them return to church and find new people to teach.

I´m really excited to see the results of this transfer. We have alot of young missionaries in the zone that are willing to work hard and do what is right.

Through this the Lord will bless us. I know that being here in Brazil has a purpose in my life and the lives of the people i´m meeting. I loving the constant challenge we have everyday to work hard and say ´´I did everything I could`.

 Thank you everyone for the emails and support. I pray often for you guys. Remember what ever problem you have your Heavenly Father is one prayer away from you, get on your knees and talk to him.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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