Monday, June 8, 2015

June 2, 2015-

Well this week was great. The Ward that I am serving had two Elders that finished there 2 year missions. It was interesting to see the end product of these missionaries. From what the members told us, they changed alot. They change to be better people. This is why I´m loving the mission, it´s 2 years of changing yourself for the better and helping other be better through Christ.

 I was so happy so see Grandma and Grandpa this week! Thank you so much for visiting me. It was great to see them even if it was just for lunch. I loved hearing there voices and there recent adventures. It also helped me alot to know that they are ok with there health, I´v been super worried because of the recent health scares. They were practically skipping around when I saw them! Thanks for tnking the time to see me, Love you guys.

 This week we found  a lot of people that were waiting to know about the gospel. We found Luana when we were search for a new apartment. She was really interested in why we were here in Brasil for 2 years. Eventually she invited us to her house to share a message. She is awesome. she has been looking for a church that ´´makes sense´´. She is super nice and she will help the church alot once she gets baptized. I´ll let you know what happens with her.

 In Gama we usually don´t have time to do contacts on the street because our week is usually booked before its starts. We were racing to one of our visits and my comp said ´´We should talk to her.´´ I responded ´´I was feeling the same thing´´. And it ended up that she wanted to talk to us to, but she was to nervous to start a conversation. Jessica has already lived in the USA, received a Book of Mormon and has stopped going to her church for 2 years.(and wanting to return) I´m so grateful for the Holy Ghost and the impact it has on us. All 3 of us felt the same thing. I´v learned that missionary work without  the spirit is worthless. Without out the Spirit of God we have nothing.

   We are expect to have 2 baptisms this week. Sthela and Karol! They went to Church this Sunday with a few other investigators and there interviews are marked and ready to go. This Saturday they will be the newest members of The Church  of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They were both in doubt but we challenged them to ask God if they should be baptized. Of course God gave them the answer they needed! It´s a win win if they asked God with faith, because it´s the right way.

 We saw many more miracles this week in Gama but time is short. Time is flying here on the mission. I don´t even like to know how much time has already passed. I know I have a purpose here in Brasil. I know that I need to do my part to help the Children of God know the truth. Até o próximo.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth 

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