Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Sadly Elder Xavier was transferred today. I was really sad because we were literally best friends. We lived together for 3 Months but it flew by so fast. He was called to be Assistant to the President! He really deserved it because of his example as a missionary and leadership. I´m going to miss him alot. We have already planned to hang out after the mission so it´s gonig to be alright.

 The members had a party for Elder Xavier, it was great to see all the lives he helped. Then we went around and said what we like about Xavier and half of the people we crying. He had a huge affect on the people of Gama.

 But I´m really excited because of my new Comp. Elder Rojas. He is from Argentina and has a year and a few months on the mission. He was a District Leader for our Zone and had alot of success. He is really obedient and is always happy. I´m excited to learn from him and to become a better missionary. I don´t know everything about him yet but I know that he was baptized when he was 14. He was play soccer professionally but he decided to serve mission. His Dad was so furious that he hasn´t talked to him since. This just proves that he is a missionary who is here because he wants to. I´ll tell you guys more abut him next week when I know more.

 This week we had a family go to church! It was a reference from a member. They are awesome. They loved the church and they have a 1 year old kid. They don´t drink, smoke and best of all legally married(what a miracle). The only problem is they are really hesitant about Churches because the last Church they went to stole their money. We are going to teach  them this week about the Church of Jesus Christ and about how this is a only church with all the truths.

 Nina, who was baptized a month and half ago, gave her first talk is sacrament meeting. Sure baptizing someone is an amazing experience but seeing your baptism progressing is the gospel is one of the best feelings. You can see the huge difference that Christ has made in their  lives. I like to think about what will be different in their lives because of this church in 20 years. Mission, married in the temple, kids, free of drugs, ect. This church has such a powerful power to change people for the better. This is why I´m here. To help people use this power to better their lives. Not only their lives here on the earth but for eternity.

 I love my time here in Brasil, at times it´s painful when people don´t accept something that will make them more happy but the pains are taken away when someone finally accepts.

 Thank you family and  Friends for the emails and prayers. I miss you guys!

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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