Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015

With my new companion

This week was great. My first week with my son(new missionary on the mission). Elder Aliser a sweet kid from Argentina. He was born in the church and so were his parents. He Dad lives in Brasil and his Mom lives in Argentina. He has a huge desire to do the right and is hungry to learn. This is the recipe for success. It´s going to be a fun 6 weeks.
   This week was great because we were just inviting people to follow the example and to be baptized how Jesus was baptized. we were able to mark 9 dates this week. These people are excited to have the door of heavens available  to be baptized. We are praying, planning and fasting that they will make it to the waters a baptism.
   One of the experiences that we had this weeks with Mayda; she is a investigator who loves coffee. We taught her about the word of wisdom and the blessings that she will receive if she would keep this commandant of God. She decided to stop drinking coffee and she threw all the coffee she had in her house away. We then helped prepare a hot drink that is like coffee but isn´t harmful. It was a great experience to see someone really want to follow the Lord and to leave a habit behind.

  This weekend was really difficult to bring people to church because it was Fathers day  Sunday. It was a disaster because we confirmed 10 people to go church through out the week. I had certainty that we would have a lot of people in church, but Saturday night everyone remembered  that Sunday is Fathers day. They started to call and text us to say sorry because they had a event, party , etc with their father. It was a heart breaker for me and my Comp because we worked  so hard this week. I was feeling super down and sad because it felt like all  we did was in vain. I was sitting in sacrament meeting really down and I opened up the scriptures to Mosiah 24 which talks about the suffering people of Alma and how they never complained and never blamed God. It then says  if we are faithful, God visits his people in their suffering. This gave me hope to hang in there and keep going. At times  it doesn´t seem  like there in light at the tunnel, but if we keep going with good attitude, the good times will arrive.

The scriptures are a guide of comfort and knowledge. I challenge you to ready at least 10 minutes everyday.

Thank you everyone for the support and love. Time is flying. I can´t believe that i have less that 1 year to fight for the Lord's army here in Brasil.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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