Monday, August 31, 2015

August 24, 2015- 20 years of Life!


This week I was doing a lot of reflecting about my life. About the things I have done well and the things that I wish I did differently. Looking back I realized that all of my success that I have had in my life was because of my family, leaders, friends  and course Jesus Christ my savior. I´m so fortunate to have been blessed with so many great people in my life who have been instruments in the Lords hands to make my life a better experience. One of the most special things about being on the mission is that making friends that will last forever. The friends that we make on the mission are made because of the great and hard times that we pass together. Through the laughter and the tears we are brought together to be a higher level of friends. But most importantly we share the same purpose here on the mission, to help other come unto Christ. With this common desire we share the same desire to preach the gospel to others. I think alot of my Grandpa Gary who served his mission 60 years ago, even today he meets up with the friends that he made on his mission. I´m cherishing the moments that i´m passing on the mission now and excited to have more to come.

 Elder Rojas comp(Elder Oliveira) was having problems on the mission with health so he returned home early after only being on the mission for 7 months. I was wanting him to stay but he said that his body couldn´t handle it any more. So we are in a trio Aliser, Rojas, and I. I was thinking of how I could use  this trio to help the zone improve. So I went to one of our areas (Santa MariaSul) for 3 days. It was the fastest three days of my life. We worked like dogs. We were able to find 15 new investigators and mark 6 baptismal dates. One of the Elders was feeling sick because we were working so much. So we left him at the house of a member. I was super happy because usually trades are only 1 day but with three days we were about get new habits and kill the bad ones. I was able to see a huge improvement in these Elders throughout these 3 day.

  I´m short on time so I´m skip to what happened on my Birthday.

Since its been 5 months that I´ve been in my area I am really close with all the members. On my Birthday I had to cut 5 Birthday cakes. It was literally they most crazy thing in my life, I have never eaten so much cake. I was so grateful for the love that the members showed me, I really felt like I was at home. I have pictures of everything but sadly I forgot my camera at home so I will send them next week.

 Today we played  soccer with President and after we went to a really great place to eat. I have never eat so much food in my life this weekend. I´m so grateful for this time I have on the mission. This is my second birthday on the mission and if I stay one more transfer I will have the privilege to have 3 Birthdays on the mission.

 Thanks you everyone for the emails and the prayers. It really means a lot to me.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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