Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 14, 2015

   This week one of the the best weeks of the mission. A week a gratitude and a week of thoughts.This past week was the last week in Gama, my home for the passed 6 months. I really felt that the members and the people I taught were apart of my family. It was a sad moment to say bye to them, but I know that the Lord will bless them.
   Where to start. Well that family that I said we threw the coffee away was baptized. We did the interview of the Father first, then as the Mother was being interviewed he put on the white clothes and was waiting outside the door with her baptismal clothing. It was perfect. Then within 10 minutes of finishing the interview they were both baptized. It was such an amazing experience to see the progress of this family, and until they were finally baptized. They will continue progressing in the Church, raising there family in righteousness.
  This week Kayla called us asking if we could visit her Wednesday morning. We said that we would. then after 2 hours she called and cancelled say that she couldn´t receive a visit.  felt a strong prompting to visit her anyway that morning when I woke up, and I told my comps that we would go anyways. When we got there everything was normal, until she bursted into tears. We finally calmed her down and figured out that she was having alot of difficulties with her Ex-husband and her family. When I heard these problems my mind was filled with a scripture that gives hope to those who are in need. Mosiah 24:13-14 ´13 And it came to pass that thevoice of the Lord came tothem intheir     afflictions, saying: Liftup your heads and be of goodcomfort, for I know of thecovenant which ye have madeunto me; and I will covenantwith my   people and deliverthem out of bondage.
 14 And I will also ease theburdens which are put uponyour shoulders, that even youcannot feel them uponyourbacks, even while you are inbondage; and this will I dothatye may stand as witnesses forme hereafter, and that  ye mayknow of a surety that I, the LordGod, do visit my people in their   afflictions.

In that very moment she said that she felt a peace that everything would be alright because she is doing that the Lord wants. It was a testimony builder to me of how the scriptures are about to give comfort to those in need. She will be baptized and I will ask President if i can watch her baptism!

  I don´t have alot of time but this Sunday was my favorite Sunday on the mission. We had the primary presentation. During this time of the primary kids sing and sharing the things they have learned I was about to learn a memorable lesson. I was able to see the simplicity, humility, and love in the children. In that very moment in the sacrament meeting I finally understood the counsel of the Lord and his prophets when they say ´´Be like a little child´´ I was about the feel the God like traits that children have and that we need to apply more of this in our lives. The innocents and love they have for other is the same way God is. I now understand more about the way God wants us to be and I have a strong desire to be more loving and pure because of it.
  I know this Church is true and that the things taught are the only way we can return to the presences of our Father in Heaven. I had so much to say but sadly time it out. I hope everyone can remember that God visits us in our difficulties if we say strong in hes gospel.

My new area and new comp is a adventure that I can´t wait to experience. Thank you all of the love and support.
Com Amor,
Elder Seth
These photos are of member and my recent coverts that I was able to help to be baptized! We also ate burritos for the first time in a year!

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