Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

The 1st week of September.

Well this  week was excellent to say the least. I was able to feel the spirit really strong and I was about to see the others feel its presence too.

  This week I did a 3 day trade in Santa Maria North to see how they are doing. It was a great experience to be with Elder Josephson and Elder Barreto. They are great Elders that are trying to do everything right to be the best missionaries they can be. When I was there we were teaching a family. They were having alot of problems with coffee. Finally I couldn´t stand it anymore. I stood up and we threw out all the coffee in the house. We explain that it´s so much harder to fight temptations if we are always in places that tempt us. The father was totally for the choice to throw it out, but the wife's face looked like she had been stabbed in the back. Finally she realized that what we were doing was to help her and her family live the Lord's commandments. We bought substitute for the coffee and she said that it is basically that same thing if not better.

 If everything goes right, they will be baptized this next Saturday!!! I love doing these trades but it´s sad that I can't see how they progress until they are baptized.

 When I returned back to my area I was about to see more miracles. When I went to teach Kayla on Saturday she was vacuming everything so that I wouldn't  have to suffer from my cat allergy. Her son said that she spent an hour before we showed up cleaning the house for me. I felt really good thinking that someone I´v meet only two times would spend so much time cleaning for my comfort. Lets skip to the good stuff. So were teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is Faith, repentance, BAPTISM, Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. The lesson was fantastic, I was with Thain√°(recent convert), and Cleriston(other recent convert). I was about to explain each principle and they testified about what I said and how it changed their  lives. It was really spiritual to say the least. And at the end it was time to invite to her to be baptized. In the moment I had a battle with my brain and my heart. My brain was telling me that it´s too early for her and that she will just say that she has already been baptized. But my heart was telling me that she need this invitation right now. For 30 seconds I was silence until my heart finally won the fight. The same invitation that I have done with countless of people was said one more time. With out hesitation Kayla said YES. I was so surprised that I had to ask if she understood my question. Then she responded YES  I will be baptized in this church.   I had one of the biggest grins on my face when she said yes. I was so happy that I was able to hear the whispers of the Holy ghost and then act upon it. I love being apart of situations like this one. where people show there faith by following the prompting of the Holy Ghost.

I´m loving my mission and it is flying by so fast. I´m so grateful for the people I know and  the experiences I am having!

This past week I download the general conference talks for 1995 the year I was born. I was so interesting to here the talks because they are about the same things that are said recently. They just were said in a different form and 20 years ago. This was a strong confirmation to me that this church doesn´t move that its doctrine in firm.

Love you guys!!!
Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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