Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 21, 2015

   To start out I would like to start off by talking about my new Comp, Elder Montes. he is one of the most humble, loving, pure, and friendly guys I have ever met. He is from a small poor city in Peru. He taught English before the mission so that he could pay for his clothes and shoes to come on the mission. He loves playing basketball and is always smiling. He never speaks a bad word about anyone and always looks at the good in others. One of the best things is that he isn´t prideful. He is hungry to learn and be a better missionary. Poor guy has had many health problems with teeth, sight, skin, ect. At time his parents didn´t have the money to pay, but he trusts in the Lord. He has never complained about his situation, I only know because I don´t stop asking questions. i´m really going to enjoy our time in Aquas Claras. I have alot to learn from him.
 This week was fantastic. I was able to visit the members and our investigators. I´m really excited because the member are here to serve and help. A majority of them are living in good conditions so they are able to spend more time helping with everything.

the investigators we have are awesome. They are families!!! It was always a struggle to find families in my other area but here it´s way easier. We have 4 families that we are working on. One  family is getting married on the 8th of Oct and will be baptized on the 10th. We found them because there son went and studied at Australia, he was baptized. And now his entire family will be! Miracle.

 My new zone is a little different from the other zone. In this zone we have 2 areas that were opened up recently. It´s hard because the trip is 5 hours to visit them. But luckily they are really great Elders and I trust them alot. I´m really excited to met new areas and Elders. Things are starting to pick up here, we had 8 investigators that went to church this week. We just need to keep visiting them until they are ready to be baptized and find even more.
Time is short but thank you everyone for the support. I am happy here. there is no other place in the world I would rather be. I know this work is sacred.
Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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