Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

To start out Victoria was baptized! I was such a great experience for her and the ward. Everyone is starting to get excited and is offering to help us. There were a lot people at the baptism and some investigators who loved it to. The spirit was really strong and it was such privilege to be apart of it. Vitoria will do great things. Our next goal is to send her on a mission!
   This week we found some great people who were put in our path by God. At times I think that God is being to nice to me right now because he is giving us so many things to be grateful for. I really feel his love and support in this work. With the help of the lord we are getting more and more excited. One person that we found this week was Yasmin. Usually we don´t have time to do contacts on the street because we are always running to our next visit. But we had 10 minutes until our next visit and we started looking on the street. We found a group of people and started to talk to them. Within a matter of minutes we could  tell who is wanting to listen and who isn´t. Yasmin asked a few questions and we knew that she was special. We got her address and number. To make a long story short, we taught her, she went to church and she is reading the Book of Mormon. she lives really close to the chapel. She will be a member soon!
  We are working with Emily to get he baptized this week. She is a daughter of a less active. She is turning 9 so we wanted to do a Birthday party and a baptism. Let see how this turns out.
  There is so many things to write but little time. I love this work. Without a doubt it is tiring because you are using your spirit, body, and hard. Everything at one weighs on you but through the miracle and experiences we are having I wouldn´t trade this experience with anything else in the world. My comp is awesome we are working hard and joking around. Working with a your head up smiling is one of the best things ever.
Love the mission so much!
Com amor,
Elder Seth

Pic the family we baptized last month bought a new apartment at a really cool building. He had his birthday part on the top floor and it was awesome. Also I was able to mark a few visits with his friends this week, lets see how it goes.

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