Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

So this week I was showing the area to Elder Josephson. He met a lot members and the recent converts. He was stunned because he has been serving in really humble areas where everyone has little money. I think he is going to love this area a lot. 

  We had the ward Christmas dinner this Saturday. The entire week the members were telling me that it was going to be full of non members. I was think how in the world am I going to get contact information of all these people at a 2 hour dinner. Then we came up with the idea to do a raffle of American Candy. It was a success. Everyone filled out the papers we made that asked for name, number and address. Now we have a lot more people to teach!

  This week we focused a lot on updating the members list to see if there was a less active or if they had moved. There was this one house we visited were the member had moved away. But another member who moved from São Paulo had moved to the same house just 15 days before we knocked on his door. He said that he had stopped going to church and that he wanted to return. His wife and 2 kids aren´t members yet! I´ll keep you guys posted on how it goes. What ia miracle
  This Sunday was the baptism of Moisés and Helena. It was fantastic. I have never seen so many members at a baptism in my entire life, the ward really showed up and gave them support. Gabriel the first Counselor baptized both of them. It was perfect because we really worked hard on the integration before they we baptized and it paid off. I love  this family so much. Moisés is one of the smartest people I have ever met. He has a college degree in physics, administration, and law. They are really going to help the church a lot. They are really involved and ready to serve.

  When we were finishing up the baptism we announced the baptism of Vitor, Lorenna, and Author. A family that we have been teaching  for awhile submitted their papers  to get married and this Wednesday. They will be baptized and married! It is going to be a really special event. I can´t wait till it happens.

 Thanks Mom and Dad for the Christmas stuff! loved it. Miss everyone. time is passing by really quick.

My last Christmas on the mission is coming up. I have never felt such mixed feels of happiness and sadness. I love the mission so much!

Com Amor,

Elder Seth

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