Monday, December 7, 2015

December 6, 2015

Hey everyone!

This was my last week with Elder Montes sadly. Love that kid. He was one of my best comps and we work hard and well together. I know that he will do great things on the mission and in his life. I´m really grateful for the things he taught me, including the love and patience he had with everyone. He will be missed but I´m super excited because my new comp is Elder Josephson. He was in the MTC with me and we have always been buddies. This was inspiration from God to President without a doubt. I can´t wait to learn from him and become a better missionary.

 This Sunday Rose was baptized. She caused us to stress out alitle bit because she was more than ready. We had already taught everything she needed to know. Then she went through the baptismal interview and she passed. But she said ´´I don´t know if I have desire to baptize right now.´´ We told her to pray about it and see what God has to say about this. The next day she pulled us aside and told us she recieved here answer. She was baptized Sunday right after church. It was awesome and she was crying the entire time. We are so grateful for her and the spirit that helped her be baptized.

 Update on our elect family Mois├ęs and Helena. This family is amazing. They are the family that said they want to be baptized and enter in the kingdom of God. They are loving the church. This Sunday we all went over to the house of the 1st Counselor and ate lunch. They opened up and said they feel the changes happening in there lives. Then we left a message about temples. They were super interested and asked a lot of questions, gladly we had 2 families there that was able to share there experience they had when they were seal in the temple. The only thing they didn´t like was that they are going to have to wait 1 year after the baptism to be sealed! This Sunday will be there baptism!

I have never been so busy in my entire life. We are help people be baptized, visiting the people that were recently baptized, finding new people to help, taking care of 30 missionaries, and helping member return to church. I love this so much. At time I stop and think about it and get sad because everything is happening to fast that I can´t even take advantage of each special experience I and having.

The mission is awesome. Love this scriptures, love prayer and love the presence of the Holy Ghost.

Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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