Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 30, 2015

Finally after 3 months of going to Church Julio, Sandra and Mel were baptized. On Friday we went to legalized their marriage. It was really great to see a family be legally married and that they were able to keep a commandment of God. They are going to be really blessed. Then that night a few members helped us do a small reception. It wasn't  a typical  wedding party but it was a great way to celebrate. Every member did something so it turned out to be super great.

Then on Sunday they were baptized. Most of the members thought they were already members because they always go to church and they know so much. There were so many people that went to the baptism that everyone didn´t fit in the room. The best problem a missionary can have, when there are too many members supporting the people getting baptized. Next week they are going to be confirmed.

Mois├ęs and his family went to church this Sunday and loved it. We are helping them get ready for their baptism on the 13th. He pulled me aside and thanked us for the visits and the differences that are happening in his life. He is going to be a great leader and is going to help many people in the church. We are going to keep praying and helping them so that they will be ready for the 13th. The ward loves them and is helping a lot in the process of them feeling at home.

The ward is so excited that they are inviting us to teach all their friends. This week is already super busy just because the members marked all the visits.

Time is passing by so fast here on the mission. I am always telling my missionaries in my zone that they can´t afford to waste their time. They can always buy a new car, get more money but time on a mission  is something that passes and we can´t get it back. The mission is just 2 years of our lives and after these 2 years we will have an eternity to think about what we did. Things are so busy here, which I love. It´s better to be super busy than sitting at home playing video games.

Love the mission, love to work.
-Elder Seth

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