Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015

Hey everyone. So this week was very special for me. We saw many miracles  and felt spirit very strongly. To start off the family that we have been teaching for a few months got married on Wednesday. we went to the cartorio and the Judge legalized there married.(picture included) It was such a great event. After living together for 13 years together they were finally able to make the right choice and follow one of Gods commandments. It was so great there 2 kids went wearing tie and everything. It was a privilege to be a wittiness for their wedding. 

  Then the same day at 7:30 was their baptism. Victor and Lorenna didn´t know if they should ask their son Author if he would want to baptized also. They were in doubt because he had just finish a major achievement in the Catholic church.  I called Author over and explain about baptism and how it needed to be done. I told  him that his parents were going to be baptized and ask him if he wanted to be baptized also. He responded without a doubt,
I want to.

   It was very spiritual for me because I had the honor to do the 3 baptism ordinances. There were so many people at baptism. I was so happy that the ward is getting excited and coming out to support this new family. I love this family so much. I know that they will help the church alot and I can already imagine there 2 sons going on missions one day. I know that Victor is a great Dad and that he will be a great Priesthood holder when he receives it. They were ready for that special day. 

  Anderson our recent covert received the Melchizedek priesthood this week. after 2 and half months. Also Moisés and Helena we confirmed this Sunday. Moisés couldn´t stop asking  about when he was going to receive the Priesthood and how it works. He loves the church so much. 

  This week passed by really fast. I can´t believe that it is already Christmas. We are working hard now it find new people to teach. It is just a little complicated because everyone is traveling or doesn´t want to receive visits because they have so many things to do this time of the year. But the Lord always finds a way. 

Merry Christmas!! 
Com Amor,
Elder Seth

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