Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

This week was awesome. My new Comp is really great. Finally I have a comp that has more time than me. We are on the same page and just going to work. He is from São Paulo but has been living in Minas Gerias for 5 years. He is 25 and did college before he served a mission. I´m loving every second with him. I learning a lot with him. 

This week we were learning the area. The other missionaries didn´t leave alot but we worked with what we had. The ward is great. It has an average of 120 people going to church every week. The Stake has made a goal of making a new ward with Santa Maria Sul and Norte. We are need to find more priesthood holders to help make this divide happen. 
Biggest difficulty is that our ward has to travel to the chapel Sunday morning. Few people have cars and the rest have to take the bus. Sadly a lot have problem with money so the sacrifice is big. As a missionary it is also hard to bring people to church after a long Saturday night of partying. But we trust in the Lord that we will be able to find elects. We have already found many great great people. 

We worked like dogs this week to find good people to teach. We talked to everyone and it paid off. We have a great group that we are teaching and we will also have a baptism this weekend. We are praying and working so that we can find more people help come unto Christ. 

Its raining cats and dogs here everyday. The worst part is that it comes out of now where. We were tracking down a less active when out of nowhere it starts pouring rain. We retreated to a wall to avoid the side ways rain. Then we heard an old lady calling us to enter in her house. As we entered we thanked her as started to talk to he son Ronnie. We explain the book of Mormon and he accepted a baptismal date. Then as we were testifying he started to cry. He explained that he was needing this. He had recently been kicked out his house because of his addiction to drinking. He has been suffering and the Lord sent us to help him get his life back into order. It was a miracle how we found him! I love this work.

The mission is passing by really fast. I can´t believe it. Love my mission.

Com amor,

Elder Seth

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