Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 11, 2016-

This week was great. We are getting our investigators ready for baptism! We prepared and  prayed a lot for them so that they could get ready. We are planning a super baptism day with the secretaries on my last weekend of the mission! As of now it is looking great, we had 6 investigators at church and they did as well. Pray for Isabelle, Nicolas, and Iago!!! We hope everything goes right!

This week I did a trade with the Zone Leaders from our Brasilia Norte zone. I had the privilege to work with Elder Rodrigues from São Paulo. He is one of our best missionaries. It was great because we were able to talk about the zone and see the weakness. Also we were able to see varies miracles and people that were prepared by the Lord.  I felt the spirit really strongly near him and I know he will do great things.To put the cherry on top we ran into a member on the street who said I looked like an Elder Daniel who passed through this area. Hahaha I love passing through the same trails that Daniel had passed. So proud to know that after all this time people still remember him.

We have a member who lives in the middle of the forest and this week was had lunch there. It was so awesome because out of no where a bunch of little monkey were playing in the trees above us. It was funny because they snatch bread out of our hands and we were able to snap some pretty great pictures. Going to miss this land so much. Stunning wildlife, amazing fruits, and the unforgettable people.

There are so many great things to say but I´m short on time!

Com Muito amor,

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